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Why does UT2k4 crash just when I'm doing good

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    Re: Re: Re: UT 2004 never crashes on my system

    Originally posted by Piglet
    How did you get on with the overnight Prime95 torture test?

    Until you've done this there's nothing anyone can do to help.
    Yeah sorry I was busy. I ran it, it did not fail. I dunno what's up with my computer as to why UT2k4 crashes like that sometimes out of nowhere


      Because it's programmed to!

      Yeah I know!


        Have you tried kicking the machine yet? :up:


          does it crash when using any specific weapon, map, character etc?

          try applying the newest patch and see if that helps.

          mine crashes when i use the shock rifle secondary fire in AS-FallenCity only if I have the gate lock in my display (!) or 75% of the time I try to use link secondary on ANY map ..... go figure.

          BTW I've installed latest patch but not tried it out yet ....


            Sorry to harp on:

            "I ran it, it did not fail"

            Overnight? 8+ hours?

            If after that it was still running the torture test then it's unlikely to be the normal problem with hardware. If you ran it for 1 or 2 hours it's not long enough.