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UT2K4 Excessive Overkill Frag Fest!

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    UT2K4 Excessive Overkill Frag Fest!

    Hey everyone!

    We are having Wednesday Frag Fest (WFF) and Saturday Frag Fest (SFF) at the |AeX| Server at 9 Pm (East) / 6 Pm (PST)

    More info can Be found here:

    Our New Clan forum is hoting at now they have more than 3000 reading/day you are welcome to register and post in our forum at

    We installed a cool mod : Jailbreak is a mix of teamdeath match with some CTF like strategy more info here:
    i recommand to download everything you need before connecting to the server... but if you want to try it first the server will push you everything you need from the redirect... but you will miss some cool thing that come with the full installed game!

    See ya