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Diamondback Problems..

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    Diamondback Problems..

    Kind of off-topic, I guess.

    But, when I use the Razer Diamondback drivers with my Diamondback, I experience a whole new world of aiming.

    That is to say, until I try to close or get out of the game. At that point, after a lot of kills and great fun as well as great performance with my setup, (SLI off for UT2004, btw) I cry as the computer crashes en reroute to the desktop and reboots.

    After thorough checking and testing, I've pointed this problem directly to the latest Razer drivers. In any Direct3D game, they cause me to crash while going back to the desktop. In OpenGL mode, which yields framerates that aren't quite as great, I don't get the same crash but don't get the "feel" I get from the Direct3D.

    Anyone have any suggestions, ideas, or tips? I'd really like to use these great drivers with this great mouse, but not if they'll prevent my system from running stably. The drivers also rip apart my computer every time I install them, even if I try to uninstall them. The problems persist long after reinstallation and I've had to reformat quite a bit (but now I am :heart:ing system restore for its restorationness) .