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    Originally posted by DimensionSeven
    Yes. I did not play UT99 too much, but I can't remember it having a defensive function. Only the weapon/jumping abilities. And up there on the roofs of the train-vagons, against a minigun-turret, a shieldgun would definitely be important.
    Skilled use of the Impact Hammer could deflect projectiles. The Impact Hammer was a very versatile tool. The Shieldgun keeps all of the abilities of the Impact Hammer, but makes the defensive function far more accessable and usable.

    It was this multi-functional approach to the weapons of UT99 that really hooked me in. Well, that was one of the many things. 2k3/4 made the translocator similarly interesting, though it took most of the interest out of the Rocket Launcher in trade. But the AR, though everyone hates it, is more interesting than the enforcers, because the grenades are distinctly different than the "gangsta" secondary.

    Now, if only there was something that could be done for the minigun secondary to make it actually interesting, rather than just slightly different...


      Originally posted by CaTdAeMoN
      I was doing it then i realised i have no imagination
      Porting UT Map + Imagination = Face3

      Then again:

      Porting UT Map + No Imagination = FaceClassic (and a zillion Big Room maps, and big subtracted box maps)

      Dicky B (porting bad)


        Originally posted by Duffman
        And remove the upper route so it cant be completed in 30 seconds anymore.
        without the upper route it can still be completed in 37 seconds, thats my record, there should be more wagons on the train if it was going to be remade