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Tue. Night Fight: [Ci] vs |B| BOI UTV + Shoutcast!

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    Tue. Night Fight: [Ci] vs |B| BOI UTV + Shoutcast!

    The Hype:
    Carpe Imperium and Borg are two up-and-coming CTF teams featuring some of the better break-out talents in the current UT2004 community. Both teams have shown great potential in their recent matches and on paper are so evenly matched that its hard to even begin to speculate who will come out on top. These two teams facing off with their best lineups could make for one of the most exciting and unpredictable games the CTF community has seen in a while, and Best on Internet is going to be there to bring the action to you.

    The Coverage:
    #bestoninternet on
    Shoutcast with Cursive and Navi
    UTV by BOI thx to

    The Teams:

    Carpe Imperium
    [Ci] has been around forever. Literally. I don't actually remember Ci ever not being a part of the unreal community. They're one of the few multi-continent clans, not to mention multigame. They've had their ups and downs, and have worked their way up from the bottm. They haven't inherited or recruited any power players, but rather farmed most of their own players into what they are today.

    Their strongest lineup (at least in BOI's opinion) is Octavius, Kashll, Cerberus, Cryco, and Gunker. The players to watch out of this set are Oct and Cerberus on defense who make for a powerful 1-2 defensive punch and Gunker who has shown himself to have real offensive versitility in a multitude of situations. I had the pleasure of playing with Gunker in MLUT2k4 and he was a solid runner on almost any map. Recently all these guys have been improving and I think they're looking for just the right moment to have a real break-out game.

    The Collective: Borg
    Borg is my favorite underrated team. Despite a rather lack-luster performance from their first map line vs !N!, the rather active and member-heavy Borg showed that with the right lineup they really could hang tough with Notorious on !N!'s map pick. Borg made a real mistake putting in a questionable line vs !N! last go-round, hopefully they'll learn from their mistakes and stick to the BlindRage, Enlev, Chowy, Mother*****, and SmurfD lineup that gave them their best chance vs !N!'s starters.
    Not to say their secondary players aren't important and talented guys, but the numbers speak for themselves. Borg's Citadel line vs !N! was as unimpressive as it gets especially considering Citadel was a map that should have heavily favored Borg. Lineup choices are tough at match time, and sometimes toes get stepped on, but you have to do what's best for team, and if that means sitting guys that show up often because they're not putting up numbers when it matters, then so be it. We'll see how Borg handles the situation come Tuesday though.
    Players to watch for the Borg boys include the rising offensive talent Enlev and the under-hyped ChowY, who has shown some real defensive prowess in his last few matches.

    The Breakdown

    Borg's pick. This one is a no brainer for Borg. It's their home turf, it's what they know best, it's what they have the most experience on. The land of the Two Towers wasn't so kind to |B| vs !N!, but hopefully they'll learn from their experiences (Namely how having an offense that puts up less than 20 kills collectively simply can't score affective) and find the flow that has made this map their bread and butter.
    [Ci] in the meantime needs to stay focused on not letting this map turn into a chaotic grab n' go map where lots of time is spent in the middle of the map intercepting carriers. The lower pace favors the higher-fragging [Ci] team, so their worst enemy is going to be a 100 shield holding, keg swollen Enlev with his inventive shield dodging tactics.

    Gamebreaker: Getting Enlev stacked. On a map that can be constant chaos, if Enlev finds a sync with getting steady keg+armor runs, and has any cover whatsoever, [Ci] will not be able to shutout the Borg offense. That being said, the gamebreaker for [Ci] is going to be being able to produce their own offense and overcome the adaptive Borg defense that knows the map so well.

    An interesting pick by [Ci]. Maybe they saw something that I didn't in the !N! vs Borg game, but as i recall, Borg had a really great game on this map, only losing by 1 cap and having a close standoff towards the end with an opportunity to tie that was barely missed. That being said, honestly I think [Ci] matches up better vs Borg on this map than Notorious did. The map requires a strong middle presense, with an emphasis on the amp. In a smaller map like this one, a solid amp supported run can turn into a clutch cap. This sort of style of play favors [Ci] who i have to give the fragging advantage to if they come with the lineup mentioned above. Borg should go into this map with a positive mindset though, knowing that they're capable of hanging with any team on this map.

    Gamebreaker: For Borg, it's finding a way to nullify the middle-man for Ci and getting the amp, even if it means dying on it as it spawns. For [Ci] it's simply playing a very setup and coordinated style of play, at a pace that requires more control and planned runs rather than chaos.

    Innnteresting choice by Borg as a TB. Most people would say that this is [Ci]'s home map. They really love to play Maul, because it really lets them showcase their stronger defensive players who really know how to make a 2 man D affective. The result is that they can play a full 3 man O push constantly without worrying about their own flag. Borg's thinking in picking this? The Enlev factor. I've seen this kid score vs completely stacked and uneven pug teams on Maul, he definately knows how to run the map, and if the cover is there, he'll score.

    Gamebreaker: Cover me i'm going in! Whoever's cover is clutch; and that means frags, last second pickups, and regrouping after dying, is taking this map. No one player can do it all himself, especially on Maul, every cap made will be made by the entire team working as one, and the cover men might be your offensive players who ran with you and they might be a freshly respawned defender who happened to be at the right place at the right time. Whoever makes the best decisions during near-cap situations will be the team who walks away with this map.

    Other notes: [Ci] and Borg recently scrimmed Citadel and Maul, and interestingly enough, Ci took Citadel in the scrim and Borg took Maul. Signs of the suprises to come? I think so. Tune in on match night for all the excitement. Paris Hilton and her annoying *** dog said "This one's going to be hot.

    Tuesday eh? Heh, I'll be there to watch .


      That's one ugly dog.


        Originally posted by sure
        That's one ugly dog.
        Yeah, and the Chihuahua ain't pretty either. Aha!


          Originally posted by Spoonman
          Yeah, and the Chihuahua ain't pretty either. Aha!
          lolool :up:


            This Match and its Broadcast have recieved official endorsements from the following parties:

            Steve Perry

            Acid Burn, Cereal Killer, Crash Override, and Lord Nikon

            Will Smith

            The Ghost of ODB

            And of course, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman

            This will be the media event of the century. The revolution will televised.


              get an endorsement from Max Cavelera and you've got yourself a sold ticket :up:


                Oh yes and GUNradio will be providing the shoutcasting. So join #gunradio on or click irc://


                  The hell you will.

                  GunRadio and their rednecks and posse of the unfunny are not affiliated with us. Gunradio will not be providing us with any casting services, nor will they be involved with this cast in anyway whatsoever.

                  We had considered an affiliation with GunRadio but their policies are not as free and unbinding as we would like, therefore we have chosen to remain independant so that we can do whatever we like when we like.

                  Do not join GunRadio's channel. Do not pass Go, do not collect 200$.

                  #bestoninternet on is the ONLY channel you'll need to be in and it's the ONLY channel that will have cast info.

                  Thank you. =P


                    Who knew there was room for TWO "e-sports shoutcasting organizations", let alone one. :bulb:


                      wait, there's two different BORG clans? i've seen |B| and {BORG}

                      am i missing something?


                        Same clan. Different fashion statements.


                          hey cursive, i play vctf with your mate, papabear, you guys should play more vctf :up:


                            Borg? Sounds Sweedish :bulb:


                              This should be a monster of a match. Both Borg and [Ci] have amazing teamwork.