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    Re: Re: Re: Re: built in map vote

    Originally posted by senshu
    I agree with you. What happened when you disabled web admin, did it work? It takes a high amount of mutators to cause this way you can limit some of them?
    After disabling the web admin it works great - you can put as much as you like in.

    I can limit what i put in my map vote config - but its like putting a limit on the fun we can have :-( and its a bug!!!

    You should be able to add as many game types as you like!:up: without loosing the web admin :down:


      I *cough* need *cough* *cough* the *cough* patch... *cough*


        Bad cold, u need to see a doctor




          3355 Issues.

          About the only thing that I am really noticing that is getting my goat is the crashing. So far I have done most of my testing offline and with the bots. Whether I am spectating a bot game or playing with the bots. The game will just up and crash with a 'Protection Fault'. I send the bug report via the bug reporting system.

          Graphicly the bots still on occasion appear to be shooting through the side of their weapon. This is most appearent with the minigun. But I have seen it with all weapons, minus the shock, lightning, and sniper rifle. Super weapons don't apply to this either. A better description of this would be, you see the weapon they are holding pointing in one direction, yet the bullets leaving the weapon are going in another direction.