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Sponsored Onslaught Clan ~TZ is recruiting.

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    Sponsored Onslaught Clan ~TZ is recruiting.

    Well the new TZ is off and running!

    We have had such a good turn out for our tryouts we have decided to create a second team.

    This post is for a second team, and first team subs. We feel very well staffed with our TWL starters. It is not impossible for someone joining now to become starter.

    ~TZ~ is sponsored by XGS

    Practice Tuesday and Thursday 9-10:30 EST.
    - Potential members must be 17+ please.
    - Ventrillo provided
    - Servers provided
    - Forums provided
    - - Server Addy is ut2004://

    Currently we are playing in the , TWL 6 vs. 6 Onslaught ladder and Season/League. We are expanding to another ladder. We are looking for players to round that team out.

    We are more focused on attitude and understanding of team play. Talent is nice and we love talent, but if you can not grasp team concepts, you are useless to an ONS clan. If you mess up, you will not be yelled at <you may never play again... Bwa ha ha ha> You will be expected to treat other with respect as well.

    I am posting on several boards, and getting a lot of responses, for this reason it is VERY important for you to answer the below questions before you try out. You can xfire me the info, post it on our site, pm me here, however you want to do it, but please for the love of all that is right and holy in this world, please provide the requested info!!!

    What is your handle?

    What times are you available?

    What is you area of expertise? Vehicle of choice?

    It is extremely difficult to find out who is a good candidate without this info. If you just show up at the server and play, but have not provided this information prior, it is very unlikely we are looking at you.

    Buddy list *~TZ~* to find us in UT

    WE use ventrilo, so if you have a mic download ventrilo and contact myself or broca to get in chat right away!

    Congrats to the Patriots

    <creative bumping>


      vent? ugh=\


        Ventrilo is good, It is maybe harder to set up, but is great!

        And Free thanks to our sponsor.


          We will be joining the IGL in the next few weeks. Still looking to round out that roster.


            Good luck with the recruiting Deadslash
            you guys are a good bunch, and i hope to game with you guys soon....perhaps a scrim is in order


              where should I email a copy of that demo?


                Still forming IGL squad, dependable players needed.


                  Wednesday night IGL tryouts