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Are FPS games dying on PC??

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    Are FPS games dying on PC??

    I ask that cos of the following.

    My kid and his mates just refuse to play PC games, they only play PS2 games online, and i've been thinking about it.... I play UT2K, not interested in 4k... and:

    1. the winners always have REALLY expensive PC with a massvely expensive graphics card (not saying that is all that's required but you cant aim at something you cant see)

    2. sony provide servers, UT3K has f*ck-all servers and never did have)

    3. there's no way to have a handicap for players with lesser machines/graphics cards

    anyways, i often get in fights with people and there is this technique to stay WELL back and plug away with the Shock, Lighting & mini... at that range on a lesser machine you just cant see that far - so these guys plug away from a safe distance and cut you down gradualy over a 1/2 minute or so, and you pull off a hit if you are lucky purely by luck of shotting in the direction of this vaguely visible moving red or blue blob

    it's really irritating

    Now i'm not saying PC quality & AGP card quality is all there is, I love to watch good players, but i know for a fact the shots they pull off can't be achcived with a lesser machine

    I what people think - sure, there is looneys out there with no life that spend ALOT on their PC, but that's the whole point and reason why kid's of my son's generation refuse to play, they simply want an even feild, and they cant afford the money for such an exotic PC

    anyways... whatever... just a thought, i spose there's no way to 'even the feild'


    You really think people do that becuase they think you have a bad machine?



      i must have missed that one


        Map Exploiter and tard



          Originally posted by CaTdAeMoN
          Ut2004 has many servers, but it is dieing too.
          Definitively not true.


            Originally posted by CaTdAeMoN
            ut2k3 dosent have servers because its a dead game (some may argue but thats the fact). Ut2004 has many servers, but it is dieing too. The reason is that quite simply there are too many fps games around, so everyone is split into different games.
            UT2k4 is **** living. it's just that people are moving to mods, no longer playing to the original game (i think)


              yeah, whatever.... but what do you think about the whole thing of MONEY = POWER on pc games & the unfairness of that?

              with PS3 coming soon with mega grahics & cheaper or the same price as just a HI-end AGP card alone for the PC, is the PC dead for games in this generation? - esp' as sony setup servers & epic etc dont bother


                Originally posted by CaTdAeMoN


                as in, not dead yet :bulb:
                name something thats not dieing :bulb:


                  oh ok then... sorry, i assumed there would be intelligent people here who could discuss it, not testosterone laden boys just home from school

                  whatever - btw, my son is huge, pumps 60 kilos on the benchpress and would kick your **** thru the floor if machismo is the order of discussion

                  they arent 'children', they are 18/19 year-olds, but they just wont play PC games cos they dont have the money for the hardware

                  that's all I'm discussing here - will PC games die out due to the cost of hardware compared to consoles now that consoles offer online experience


                    Originally posted by Bin drinkin
                    yeah, whatever.... but what do you think about the whole thing of MONEY = POWER on pc games & the unfairness of that?
                    It's not all true.
                    My housemates have absolutely horrible PCs but they seem to be doing OK in most FPS games.


                      Originally posted by Bin drinkin
                      sorry, i assumed there would be intelligent people here...
                      Welcome to INATARI...


                        Pc gaming in general is in decline.
                        With services like Xbox live, its hard for the average joe to justify the cost, maintenance, and problems a PC can cause compared to a system that has 3 leads (power, video output and network) to get it fully working.

                        Plus the fact that the average person who buys a PC is a ******. They dont know WHY they want a PC, or what one does, they just must have one. The people here atleast have some clue how to use one. I mean, last week i had to deal with a guy whos game had "been deleted by the internet". It turned out to be that his daughter had deleted the desktop shortcut.
                        The spyware, virues and amount of **** that was on there made me cringe. At one point i used to spend hours cleaning it up and locking their machines down, now i just leave it, it'll only get messed up in a weeks time anyway. Becides, its another job to do = more money (harsh i know, but if they dont want to learn the basics, they can keep paying people like me who are more than happy to take their money)

                        In the UT days, you needed to be a geek to have a PC. Not many homes would have them compared to todays figures, hence why the ones that did generaly had somone there that knew what they was doing. Oh and you can add to the fact that most PC users will get it from places like "PC world" who will rape them for every penny they have.
                        For example, i was dealing with a machine a few weeks ago that had a 3gighz p4, but everything else was onboard, VGA, sound, ect...and it had NO AGP slot, so upgrading wasnt going to happen. So you think thats bad enough, you'll convince them to replace the mobo...not going to happen either. The PSU wasnt standard ATX, a nice proprietary connection to the mobo. Okay, so you get a PSU you dont, the case isnt standard ATX either and will only fit the orignal PSU.
                        The system was a joke. But its sad people are being sold systems like this everyday, marketed as "Gaming PC's" by the onfloor salesman after his commission.

                        So, after a bit of a rant, ill get to your question. No, its no FPS (although a market flooded with WW based ones gets very boring, its ok for your average chav) that is dying. Its PC gaming in general on the decline.


                          I don't go along much with that expensive equipment = leetness online business. I have about as good or better a machine as most people and I'm an extremely average player.

                          People spend money on better stuff because the game rewards them with more eyecandy and feels more responsive when they upgrade, but it's no absolute substitute for skill. I commonly beat people with better ping rates than me for example and vice versa. You get beat to a great extent because you're not as good as the other guy.

                          I don't think pc games are dying so much as the initial rush of novelty has worn off. It's not the newest thing in the world anymore. Doesn't mean the business is done for. PCs are an inherently better deal than consoles, they have a much wider scope of utility, an open architecture, endlessly upgradeable, and endless title selections to run on them.

                          High maintenance, yes, but so are sports cars. Not that there's too much of a similarity with really priced items like that, but the fact that sports cars are expensive and require lots of work hardly stops people from making buying and driving them. Even though a lot more people like me get by on utilitarian like dirtboxes or the occaisional geo metro threebanger to get to work in.

                          Or you could make a comparison with audiophile equipment if you wanted to. The PC will stick around because people want it, even though lots of people will ultimately settle for less.


                            Originally posted by fuegerstef
                            Welcome to INATARI...
                            Infogrames North Atari? :bulb:

                            And yeah, PC gaming in general seems to be giving way to consoles. :/


                              its DYING