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For all you who played ut99 before 2003/2004...

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    Re: For all you who played ut99 before 2003/2004...

    Originally posted by MGdaGR8
    The other day i found this great site though that converts maps from ut99-ut2004, one or two skins, and even the classic weapon, "The Ripper". To bad i didnt know about this site when i began ut2004. Here it is:
    Um, These actually look pretty good from the screenshots- Thanks!


      omg who cares!!!!111


        Originally posted by Sanguinox
        omg who cares!!!!111
        About what?



          Call me "******" if you want but I never play UT99 and just recently I see the name.

          I play before Unreal, Unreal 2, Unreal Tournament 2003 and now Unreal Tournament 2004.

          Also the "expansion" of Unreal 2 to play online.
          That's all.
          Never play and know nothing about UT99 sorry.


            Originally posted by CaTdAeMoN

            Originally posted by intelinmyhead
            Can we move on with our lives?
            Not until we have UT II . . .


              I can't see why people are getting so worked up in this thread. It's only a computer game!



                Not sure what this has to do with the thread, but I will comment on these maps, which I have played;

                StalwartXL - you took Stalwart and made it bigger. Nice. Not hard to do. Fun map. Like the extra room. :up:

                Deck 16 S3 whatever. Sorry - We are up to Deck 32 now. :down: Just played a techno version of this map with spiderwebs and an extra level that I don't think anyone can beat.

                Cola Wars - Sorry - can't beat beer wars. Didn't beer wars come first? :down:

                BDC - if you are with the clan BDC - stick with basketball courts.

                UT99 :up: Nothing like bouncing ripper blades off walls and decapitating people
                UT2k3 :up: I miss the music and the Excessive mods; Excessive CTF and BR was the **** in UT2k3
                UT2k4 :up: The vehicles rock and the gameplay is cranked up faster than its predecessors - it is UT2k3 on double-shot espresso


                  Worked up is the norm here, not the exception.