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Cool idea for future UT superweapon

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    deemer = DENIAL :up:


      How 'bout... A Rubber Duckie? (j/k)

      Originally posted by gades
      What about the BFG from Quake 3?

      If anyone doesn't know what this is, imagine a rocket launcher with triple the rate of fire...

      IMO, it was a cool super weapon because it actually required a bit of skill and risk to use, as opposed to merely firing a single shot into a crowded room... plus you only get 20 ammo for it, which gets used up quickly.
      Well, it's not a SuperWeapon per say, since it's not THE most powerful weapon (rail 0wns), and in that it doesn't make a huge ball of death where it hits.

      Originally posted by Angel_Mapper
      Only if I'm confident I can get them working online.
      *Signs up as beta-tester* :heart: :up:

      Originally posted by BMSMCMAM
      - but I don't think there are a lot of people who wouldn't want the ability to ban someone from the intarweb.
      I wouldn't mind having that ability... :bulb:


        Whoever touches my precious redeemer will be shot, survivors will be shot again


          Originally posted by Spoonman
          GPF gun. >:E
          Not a GPF gun if you got a decent video card.