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No fun in China?

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    Well actually I was under the impression that ever since the great liberator Nixon travelled to Peking the Celestial Kingdom has been trying like heck to be more like us any way they could.

    Which might be why there's apparently such a resurgence of the old 'heaven is high and the emperor is far away' attitude amongst the various vice peddlers around the provinces these days. But oh how the money rolls in. How easy for the leadership to afford a little meaningless lip service for the odd American quibble.

    Anyway to heck with China. Who cares what they get up to over there, as long as they keep churning out cheap hot wheels cars for their masters at Wal Mart. Now that's power. Yes we're all fairly drunk with it over here. I can hardly find my way out of the Wal Mart toy department at all some days. And they have sexxxy women.


      Re: No fun in China?

      Just about everything is banned somewhere, except probably water (not counting the library bans on eating and drinking)


        They're not the most consistent of ideologues


          they said only to do with ze hot ****. i see china servers now and then.