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Goldeneye mod, what would you most like to see in it?

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    Originally posted by olobley
    [B]If you're based in/around the UK, PM me your address & I'll send you some 'supplies' (Beer, Crisps & Pizza) to help the development effort!

    do NOT tempt me thats most tempting lol


      hehe, seems like my hard work on the facility will be appreciated.

      About scalling/proportions , it's my main goal, I'm really "perfectionist" , I want to make it look as close to the original as possible, trying to get the "exact replica" of the original version.

      I HATE when they do a remake of a map when proportions aren't like the original one. Retexturing/adding more details is great, but when it's about proportions ,


        I'm not sure if its just the fact I haven't played this game for a number of years or what, but the clip running around facility looks very fast (the movement speed that is).

        Looks to be the most promising mod I've seen anyway GE =


          Just a heads up

          RARE no longer holds the James bond license

          EA does.

          You'll have to ask them.


            eVeNfL0W: normal, the UT/2k3/2k4 speed is faster then the GE one, the videos are from the main game, in the mod, you won't move that fast.

            Yoshiro : Maybe, but it's more a game licence, EA doesn't own Goldeneye 007 on N64, Rare does, as for all the game they did. it's Rare people that got the right on their games, not other ones.


              I am more than aware of the copyright issues.

              I would like to find another email address to redirect my email to. so you know this is the email i sent out a while back.

              Dear Rare team.

              My name is Kristian Lake, I am lead coder and project leader for a non profit modification for unreal tournament 2004.

              I would like to ask your permission to recreate the classic game Goldeneye, using the Unreal Engine version 2.
              By recreation, I state all models, player models, weapon models, will be modeled and skinned and animated, using no content from the original game, other than keeping the same theme (making the ppk look like the ppk for example). The only thing we would change on them is to update the actual detail of our own models.

              We would like to use the same layouts of the original Goldeneye maps, I.E the Dam would look identical to the original Dam in the Goldeneye game, down to the camera effects.

              I would like to ask permission to use the textures and the sounds from the game. I state all other parts of our modification are created by my team and myself.

              If we do not have permission to use the textures and or sounds, i would like to ask permission to recreate the textures and have remixed versions of the sounds in our modification.

              The reason me and my team have chosen to do the classic Goldeneye game, is because its an absolute classic, which is passing its 8th year, and we would like to bring back the nostalga to the original gamers, and to the new generation of gamers.

              The only thing i would like to change as the project leader, is the amount of players that can play a level in multiplayer games. and this of course would be online gaming and off.

              I really hope to hear good news, and would like to stress this project is non - profit and is just so we can all create some sort of portfolio to sell ourselves later down the line to such companys as yourself.

              Yours Hopefully.

              Kristian Lake
              Project Leader, and Lead Coder of "Project Goldeneye"


                I'm getting excited about this, now

                Good luck!!


                  I just thought i'd say that, i don't ever download these type of big mods because i just get bored of them after a day, i don't have any mods installed atm as far as i can remember, but you can bet i will be downloading this

                  The first mod i actually want to play in 2k4, n1 :up:


                    If you arnt planning on making money does it matter if you use bond?


                      Originally posted by PeeBee
                      If you arnt planning on making money does it matter if you use bond?
                      Thats the big hope, and 99.9% of the industry will say "no it doesnt matter because you are not making money out of our products, but please ask us for permission"


                        Just an update, we expect the video teaser done by next week, although it might be longer till we release it. We are chasing some leads still before we make the final decision on when we release.

                        You will all like what it says, especially those eager to see something going on :P


                          My personal list of "hopes" for this mod:

                          nothing like stacking a mess of remote mines
                          - The ability to stack remote mines.

                          - An option that locks the FPS to like 20 fps, or whatever it was on the N64.

                          - The menu, while looking very cool, seems peculiar. The reason being the angle at which the debriefing folder is viewed is not top-down like it was on the N64, of course. Include an option for a classic view

                          - No default UT2004 fonts are used (call me crazy, but I'm big on font)

                          - Low-poly character models, or an option to choose this alternative. I think Knuckles said the old models had 6-poly heads. Works for me.

                          - Appropriate scripting for rewards at the end of a game (RC-10 Award for armor *****, etc.)

                          It couldn't kill you to look into a least one or two of those right

                          Also: - Bullet holes look like they did in the N64 game, and each bullet hole has a mini-mini-explosion in it when created. (you can tell by now that I'm getting really ridiculous with detail)


                            Originally posted by sethdonut
                            - Low-poly character models, or an option to choose this alternative. I think Knuckles said the old models had 6-poly heads. Works for me.
                            From the original game:

                            Ya, I wouldn't mind more polys in the characters.


                              I want to be able to shoot Valentin after finishing his objective in the Statue level.


                                Glad to see this mod is moving along again. Your one of the reasons the gaming industry is getting better and better. I just hope people will be playing this online.

                                Just wondering if the mod will be coded for the mouse and keyboard, or will i be able to use a N64 controller with the same procession as the N64 console game.

                                Co-op would be awesome! I remember Playing that in Perfect Dark, what a blast we had with that. The only thing that sucked was we were playing split screen with a 27inch TV. The co-op had a twist too, one of the players could be the enemy, but the split screen ruined it. The only other games i know of that have good co-op are Freespace and Serious Sam, anyone know any other good ones?