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UT2K4 instead of halflife 2, was i wrong?

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    UT2K4 instead of halflife 2, was i wrong?

    I was just wondering, before i bought this cool game(ut2k4), i had two choices. i have a tough choice between ut2k4(old game) and half life 2 (newer game). It was a really tough choice, ut2k4 being a highly rated game in gamespy, and halflife 2 also a highly rated game. and guess what i chose? (haha, obviously) In the end, i ended up choosing Unreal Tournament 2004 because of these reasons:

    #3. Halflife 2 has higher system specs than ut2k4 making harder for my pathetic computer to run it.
    #2. MSUC contest will tell you that there are gonna be a lot of great mods for UT2k4.
    #1. I love multiplayer A LOT more than single players and since ut2k4 is the best multiplayer game of the year...

    Was I wrong? Could you guys inspire me that Im right in the product i chose? What makes unreal better than hl2 besides it's great multiplayer? Is modding for unreal easier than hl2?

    well, you made the right choice then. congradulations.


      Yeah overall I think you made a better choice. I like HL 2 but its more a single player game. Plus it gets old really fast. First part of the game yeah you're on foot shooting but then you get on a vehicle for 2 hours, then switch over to another one for an hour, then spend another 2 hours just commanding other creatures to fight for you, not you doing the fighting.


        if you like being alone playing an Single Player, HL2

        you like playing with ppl and like Multiplayer, U2004


          Originally posted by FlakDino454
          well, you made the right choice then. congradulations.
          welcome to the UT community, enjoy your stay
          i've played both, and HL2 is like, d0h.
          i was first blasted away by the graphics, and then, well, err :bored:
          UT2004 graphics aren't the top notch, but you never get bored of them.

          and yes, editing in unreal >> editing in HL2


            Modding is easier in 2k4. UEd is superior in a lot of different ways.
            Ed Duke-***

            I'm not too sure about Source editing. Since I still haven't touched HL2 (wow, how punk and individual am I? =) this is all kinda second hand knowledge from some mates who are making HL2DM maps, so Tynan feel free to correct me on this but I've heard some weird stuff lacking about it that I would consider fundamental to streamlined development.

            a) You have to assign textures for either models or BSP architecture. Aparrently using certain texs on a model will light it all foobar.

            b) The in editor lighting preview either doesnt work or is hard to get working, meaning you have to 'guessestimate' your lights and so forth. Apparently the same goes for particles and the like. Surely this makes level design a bit of an ****, having to jump in and out of the editor just to see how the level looks?

            c) Meshes can't be scaled at all. If you need a different sized mesh, you have to use a new entirely different mesh. If this is true, I'm a bit surprised to say the least.

            d) It has separate DOS command-line programs to import meshes and textures, not like UED's integrated browser.

            e) This one I know for a fact. OMG you have to run a Steam account just to dev maps!


            There are some pretty stupid-seeming and arbitrary restrictions in Source mapping.

            a) True. If you use model textures on BSP they either light pure black, or the lighting changes dynamically to follow the light level displayed on your gun. Weird.

            b) You can't see your lighting in the editor, ever. Quite annoying, but due to the fact that the compiled BSP map format is totally different than the VMF building map format I can see why. VMF is just a bunch of coordinates and vertices in a list. It does allow you to make really fast changes to the geometry of the level and see the difference without rebuilding. In Unreal one must rebuild to see a change in a previously made brush as you know.

            I would like to note that I prefer the lighting results in Source, the lights are more adaptable and do a better job of emulating the real world (using inverse quadratic falloff).

            c) True, meshes can't be scaled. Strange, but you get used to it, and in most cases it works for reallife mapping.

            d) Never imported textures so far, though this seems likely based on what I''ve heard.

            e) True. Sucks.

            Source mapping is a lot different from Unreal. In a lot of ways I much prefer the dev environment, in other's it's kinda stupid. Selecting and placing entities (actors) and setting their properties is much better done. You don't have to wade through 1000 vars that you never change like in Unreal, and most of the vars have a little help tooltip. All entities have their own appearance in the editor.

            Source is less powerful without code modification. For example, in Unreal we have Emitters, which do EVERYTHING.

            In Source, there is a class for fire, a class for rain, and a class for steam, etc. Outside of what's hardcoded you can't do anything. No weird green loopy teleport effect for you.

            It's not too hard to learn, and it's different, but I don't really think it's worse overall. Both engines have advantages, both have problems.

            man u guys havent even scratched on the surface of SUCKAGENESS of the source engine ... i really like valve and halflife 2 is the BEST game i played in my life (so far) but the art resource pipline is like the worst EVER.

            let me give you a couple of examples

            when you try to compile textures ( yeah with dos ) they want to force you to have your textures in the souresdk/samplecontent/hl2mp/materialsrc folder

            me since i build most of the stuff in maya would prefer having my textures in my maya project folder but the compiler crashed everytime i tryed to compile it from there so with some try and error i found out that i just had to rename my sourceimages folder into materialsrc so the path inside the source sdk they try to enforce is not realy necesary for anything its just that they have a HARDCODED check what the folder is called.

            same for models

            also never ever have any smoothing groups on a colision model the compiler will barf on you and dont expect to get any useable error printouts the DOS prompt disapears in splitseconds you can write a batch file tough and add the paramater + pause at the end but make sure that neither the model nor the studiomdl compiler exe has a space or anykind of special letter in the path so no 'my documents' fellows !!!!

            and as soon as your model has more than 10 faces with normal map they randomly loos their BUMP when firing up the engine

            also models only get lit directional + ambient wich pretty much allways looks out of place with big models that you might even have rotated 180° in some places it becomes painfuly obvious.

            than yeah the allready mentioned stuff no realtime preview for Shaders lightmap csg/bsp result particle effeckts

            no scaleable models

            no material sharing between world and models

            worldgeomtry cant get created in maya / max / xsi

            also when you export models from maya you cant specify a name it just gets the name of the maya scene ... so obviuosly you have to rename everything in windows fast befor you exidently overwrite your stuff with a new export ...

            water very often refuses to reflect specific models

            never ever put water in the skybox ( that graphic glitches look so perverted ... that might do permanent damage to your graphics card )
            for me ( i am doing an oilrig map) it was a really painfull experiance to find this out.

            if you build large open air areas get your self ready to compile for 10 hours and up.

            models dont drop exact lightmap shadows the colision boxes drop the shadows and even this is not accurate

            when you make texture alignments in the editor theres no clipboard for your texture alignments and rotations
            when you want to apply the same stuff somewhere else the original textur you copy must be somewhere in the viewable area because as soon as you use the mouse to move the camera the original texture gets deselected and the editor forgets the scale rotation and alignment

            you guys saty with unreal ^^


              UT2k4 doesnt have the server population or mod popularity it did several months ago, but its still a very good game. HalfLife 2's real golden age wont start for 3 or 4 months, when everybody from CS switches to Source and all the old mods get ported.

              First part of the game yeah you're on foot shooting but then you get on a vehicle for 2 hours, then switch over to another one for an hour, then spend another 2 hours just commanding other creatures to fight for you, not you doing the fighting.
              Actually, the Nova Prospekt antlion sequence was shorter than the early hoverboat sequence, and after you escape the fighting REALLY picks up for the rest of the game.


                i have both hl2 and ut2k4, and i love both. but since i installed hl2 and css i havnt played much ut online. all my time is spent like this:

                forum ***** (constantly looking at different forums and websites)
                counter strike (already beat hl2 so im not going to beat it again)
                then mapping for ut
                then more counter strike.

                but i will always love ut and will always map for it, i tried using hammer, and i quit. that ****s way to confusing. using arrow keys to move the cam isnt cool. i like the layout and the easy access to use unreal editor so thats why i stuck with it. and because unreal is one of my top 3 fav games


                  As far as I'm concerned, you definitely made the right choice. I played taht other game for a very short amount of time. My roomate has it, we're both still playing 2k4 though!


                    Originally posted by RoadKillGrill
                    if you like being alone playing an Single Player, HL2

                    you like playing with ppl and like Multiplayer, U2004
                    I think that sums it up well enough. These two games really represent the best in Single and Multiplayer in my opinion. :up:


                      Re: UT2K4 instead of halflife 2, was i wrong?

                      Originally posted by soulbadguy
                      Halflife 2 has higher system specs than ut2k4 making harder for my pathetic computer to run it.
                      Half-Life 2 actually runs surprisingly well on low-end systems. It's probably not as universal as UT04, but it's still pretty impressive on **** hardware.


                        I played hl2 to the end......and then never bothered to touch it again. The multiplayer maps they added were....meh.

                        UT2k4 is now permanently burned into my hard drive I play it so much

                        you made the right choice, but as soon as hl2 goes down a bit more in price, pick it up anyways. It's a good game, just not as fun as HL1.

                        UT is by far the most fun in a multiplayer game EVER


                          Re: UT2K4 instead of halflife 2, was i wrong?

                          Originally posted by soulbadguy
                          Is modding for unreal easier than hl2?
                          Never tried modding for HL2 (heck, I haven't even played it yet) but the Unreal Engine has a reputation for being a breeze to mod in, in all aspects.
                          Of course, it has rather tight limits, but reading through the comments on the Source engine in this thread... ICK.


                            Half Life 2 is the best single player game ever by a light year.

                            UT2k4 is the best multiplayer game by a light year.


                              Wow, nice and **** quick replies. I've added another reason for ut2k4:

                              #0.5 : I'll be with you guys. ^_^

                              hmm, is it just me or is the ut2k4 community growing? haha. Looks like ut2k4 is getting big (well, it's still new anyways). Alot of players must have just gotten their ut2k4 during xmas ^_^ oh and...

                              MULTIPLAYER >>> SINGLE PLAYER

                              I was right on my pick! haha! Im so proud of myself!

                              hmmm... why don't Epic sticky Angel_Mapper's thread.
                              hmmm... epic just added new smilies
                              hmmm... why don't we stop posting "ut2k4 is dead" threads and stop discouraging present and future players