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    Originally posted by Bullrog
    just play onslaught and don't worry about the nodes
    thats why competitive players hate ONS... kinda ironic wouldnt you say?


      Originally posted by Devon
      hey guys lets add leviathans to rankin!
      you make a good point...most DM maps would not be any fun by simply adding vehicles to them...a VDM map should be made for VDM. The one I converted was a CTF map which has large open areas and is fun with vehicles...putting Raptors in Gael wouldn't be much fun though...


        I still have a version of my Spacenoxx with 3 Raptors somewhere around. I also had changed some weapons.
        But I used the ASVehicleFactory(VSOVerride wasn'T available when I made it)... ...will change it to VSOverride so that you die when your Raptor explodes.


          Check out DM-Nakhti_Ascention_v2

          It's the funnest VDM map this side of Twisted Metal :up:

          DM-MPC-Greatroom-VH is another fun VDM map. It's got vehicles with souped up stats, and turrets, and other stuff. The only beef I have with it is the second Rap song cause it sucks IMO.

          The coolest part about both of these is you don't need a VDM mutator. Any DM server can play these and have all the vehicles still in them even without affecting other maps :heart:


            There are two custom gametypes, one being Vehicular Genocide and the other Vehicle Homicide which are basically vDM and vTDM. Like -_Faction_-1979 said, you just play with all the vehicles in a normal ONS map, just there's no nodes. I must've heard about it from this forum so I expect there's a thread around here somewhere with a download.