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    Originally posted by dirtydog
    I've read that ntl's new caps will be as follows:

    1Mb - 5GB/month
    2Mb - 30GB
    3Mb - 40GB

    I'm not sure if ntl have said this officially yet though, so it may not be correct.
    Last time I looked they weren't going to cap the 3Mb one

    Anyway seen this:

    Seems NTL are set to increase the download speeds on their three tiers of broadband service again - for the second time in a year - and without increasing their prices. The new details are as follows:

    * 300k service increases to 1Mb, with 5GB/Month download cap.
    * 750k service increases to 2Mb, with 30GB/Month download cap.
    * 1.5Mb service insreases to 3Mb, with 40GB/Month download cap.

    So it appears that NTL are going to usher in their download cap after all, but they're deflecting attention away from it by tying it with the increase in download speeds. Considering there was a lot of hoohah about a 1GB/Day cap at 1Mb, this is actually going to be pretty restrictive for the new 1Mb users, and 3Mb users (including myself) will get a download cap that it only marginally less strict than the previously announced version.

    No news on the upload speeds either, which leads us to believe they're going to remain the same.


      5GB a month?!!?!?! whats that gunna do? i could use that much a month just by talking on MSN :down: :down: :down: :down:


        Well I guess I dont download as much stuff as you guys, according to my firewall last month I recieved 6.5GB of data.