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    Voice Chat KeyBind Questions

    I've done some research on this and didn't find anything.

    In earlier versions of UT04, i could bind three different keys to toggle speaking on team / local / public. For example, when I would hit "P", the game would turn on the public channel, and when I hit "Z" and hold it, then I would talk. I also would get an on-screen message when I hit "P" that said "now speaking on Public"...

    My two questions:

    1. When did the "ToggleTeamChat" alias get changed so it also enables the mic when you hold the key?

    2a. How do I change it back to how it used to function?


    2b. How do I display text on my local screen? Does anyone know how to simply display some text on the screen that only shows up on my screen? Not the "SAY" command that is...

    1. Dunno
    2a. ?*
    2b. You can't. It's an all or nothing thing

    *This is what I got in my user.ini
    Aliases[29]=(Command="Speak Team|Button bVoiceTalk|OnRelease SpeakLast",Alias="ToggleTeamChat")
    Aliases[30]=(Command="Speak Local|Button bVoiceTalk|OnRelease SpeakLast",Alias="ToggleLocalChat")
    Aliases[31]=(Command="Speak Public|Button bVoiceTalk|OnRelease SpeakLast",Alias="TogglePublicChat")

    You could change SpeakLast to whatever channel if that's what you're talking about


      I was able to indirectly figure out what was happening...

      In the input settings, if I picked "Speak in Team Channel" or "Toggle Team Channel", the entry put into user.ini was "ToggleTeamChat".

      The way it should be, depending on which I picked, is:

      Speak in Team Channel = Speak Team
      Toggle Team Channel = ToggleTeamChat

      It's strange... I don't explain it, but as long as it works that's the important part.

      Thanks for the information!