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    Originally posted by Crotale
    Hmm, interesting problem Mr Loozer. I cannot say that it is a bug that exists for everyone. I choose righthand weapons view (default) and my primary shock hits the secondary right on. The crosshair is a bit to the left and up slightly, but it still hits in the "ball" everytime, irrelevant to the time or distance. I tried different angles and distances, but it hits right on every time.

    This problem does not seem to occur for a majority of players, because if it did, they would speak up. Since it is a minority of players experiencing this problem, Epic may not be interested enough to warrant time spent to correct the issue, especially if all the information provided is "it happens and please fix". My suggestion for you is to ask others who are experiencing the same issue to take notes of .ini settings, OS, computer hardware/drivers, mutators/mods, maps, anything at all that could affect your system and UT. If the devs have a better idea on what type of environment(s) this problem is occuring in, they might be willing and able to help.
    It's not really an issue. It just ****** me off that I can't combo the amp whores in FaceClassic anymore when they jump down for the flag.