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    Re: Re: Onslaught Quirks

    Originally posted by Phear
    Sometimes i thank god i cant play online:up:

    Others i just wish i could be there to see something like that:haha: Cant wait to see that video :up:
    me too i hate not being able to play online stupid english 56k..... *mutter*


      Originally posted by nfleming
      Actually, you can kill someone with an avril, up close and personal

      can being the operative word. Land 3 direct hits with a slow firing slow moving rocket with accceleration.


        Originally posted by zenpunk
        manta drivers running into things so passengers fall off, then taking off leaving them in the middle of nowhere
        I've done many a manta run.
        It doesn't take much to knock a rider off and more times than not turning back to grab them is a bad idea(node/core under attack and nearly gone, AS objective in danger, etc)
        Just because you get knocked off the wing doesn't mean it's the drivers' fault


          Originally posted by placebo
          Yes, but most noobs think that it's just an oversized Rocket Launcher.
          its not?


            Re: Onslaught Quirks

            Originally posted by Clover
            Ok, i'll soon be filming a little video in UT2004 about all the retarded things that players do. So far, my list includes:

            -Everyone fighting to get the raptor at the beginning of the match
            -The guy in the raptor goes to the tower, and gets the deemer, proceeds to blow himself with with it, and blames it on lag
            -Guy in hellbender honking his horn going back and forth stuck between two rocks
            -A guy gets killed, "OMGWTFAIMBOT!!!!11!!"
            -People trying to heal the core
            -Team members shooting at each other, and when they don't die, "OMGWTFAIMBOT!!!!111!"
            -Guy in raptor "HOW THE HELL DO I GO UP??" smashing into everything
            -Guy gets killed, then types for the next 5 minutes, and *****es "TYPE KILL!!!" when he gets killed again
            -Every time a guy gets killed, he blames it on lag *cough cough*

            Anything else you guys can think of?
            Wow, ONS hasn't changed a bit, has it?. I remember complaining about the same stuff in the beginners board a while back.
            Here's good advice...STOP PLAYING ONS!!! Either that or find some people(clan??) to play with that know what they're doing.