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What skill level are you in SINGLE PLAYER MODE?

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    Originally posted by FireStorm2KO
    godlikes to easy. We need harder bots! Give them like super reflexes with no miss aim or something. Least to the point there i can't dodge their shots anymore.
    Turn up your gamespeed?


      Originally posted by Spicy_Mustard
      lol, same here. I can take up to about 3 or 4 godlikes (Depending on the level of course ) Dont expect me to take 4 godlikes on gael. :down:
      Well, that's what I'm asking in the poll, and I should have stated that up front -

      Many of us no doubt can handle at least some scenarios in SP at Inhuman or Godlike level, but I would think there are VERY few, even on this forum, that can complete the entire UT2K4 SP game, including all of Assault, in those highest difficulty levels.

      So, when I asked: "which level of skill have you been able to master so far in single player?", I meant completing the entire game (which would qualify as some level of 'mastery').

      I dunno, I could be wrong. Maybe for a lot of players even Godlike seems easy. If so, hey, you're a better fragger than I!


        i play on inhuman, an occassionally godike when i want it slightly more challenging.

        Insta-gib counts for NOTHING! NOTHING!:haha: <----- evil laugh