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[OT] Which of these video cards is better?

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    The thing is, I don't want to spend that much money on my comp because I don't spend THAT much time on it.


      well your answer seems to have been said about 15 times already, if you don't have money to go all the way, don't waste your time not even getting half way. My experience has been that the FX5200 cards are a total bucket of poop when compared to their bigger brothers, more over PCI.. shudder. Just live with what you have, learn how to tweak your settings to get better fps instead of just throwing more money at it. Then when you finally have the moolah to at least get to AGP you will not regret it.




          Originally posted by ()dySseY
          Mobo. Doesn't. Have. AGP.
          Nothing can really give you more UT performance, in that case.


            The thing is, I don't want to spend that much money on my comp because I don't spend THAT much time on it.
            Classic mistake, spend a moderate amount of money on it in the first instance and be aware of what your buying, two things will happen.
            1. You will use your puter more cos its decent and doesnt frustrate you.
            2. You will continue to not use it much but the computer will be better quality and last longer, being capable of keeping up with your needs better, hence your will get more usage out of it because it will last longer.

            I either case the value of the computer will be better.

            Now what you havce done is buy a **** computer and now you cant do a decent upgrade to the vid card and the 2nd hand value of the puter is peanuts because of this fact, you usage decreases even more, you get less value for money and dammit I should be a sales man

            Only messing, ive had far to much beer... if you must buy a new one we reckon the 5200. There are also some ATI 9200 cards out there that are PCI, in either case I would do some serious googling for benchmarks. Being UK Im not sure on the score here but do what are the refurbished cards like on newegg? May save you many many $ for what may turn out disappointing anyway,
            If you do get one let us know if its significantly better than what you have.



              Like a lot of other people have pointed out, I think you're wasting your money by putting anything into that system.

              I can understand the situation that resulted in you having it, but I really think it's a dead end.

              I would save whatever money you're considering putting into the Compaq and start scrounging parts.

              It's a good holdover until you can get a better system.

              You can re-use the hard drive, CDROM, RAM (possibly), CPU (Possibly, if you want), keyboard, mouse and maybe even the case and power supply.

              Assuming you have onboard video currently, and the system you have now is an Athlon system (my assumption considering you said you bought based upon price), you can get a NEW Abit NF7-M (or something similar, I've had good luck with the NF7-M at work) motherboard with onboard MX400 video for about $90.

              Granted, this will also suck for gaming, but I bet it will be as fast as putting (insert any video card you can get in PCI format) into your current system. And, when you're done, you will be able to, when you can afford it, install a real AGP video card.

              Look at it this currently have a 1970 Ford Pinto. You're wasting your money bolting on a supercharger. You'll just be trading your Video Card bottleneck (assuming this is even your bottleneck currently) for another bottleneck.

              Please post the specifications of your current system. This will greatly help in offering intelligent advice.

              I can appreciate you not wanting to spend that much money. And, it may seem counterintuitive, but I think it will be cheaper to go with a new MOBO (assuming you can re-use the rest of your components) than to try and upgrade your current system with some obscure PCI graphics card.

              Here's the MOBO ($90):


              Here's an decent AGP Graphics Card (when you can afford one...$137):