I am at the point where I'm ready to find a home with a TDM or ONS clan here in EU. {BL} is a clan I played for when I lived in Canada, now I have to stay up til 4 am just to make meetings or matches, and yes I play with a ping of nearly 200, and still do well I might add. But that's ok, BL is just a Zark fun clan, I am looking to get more serious and competitive. Some of you know my level of play, for those that don't, I know stats don't mean much, but to give you an idea I'm 380th alltime in TDM and often in the weekly top 10, as for ONS I'm as experienced in it as anyone.. so I think I can be an asset to any clan.

For the Finnish speaking clans I can understand and speak to some degree but prefer English whenever possible, for Swedish clans you must be open to English players.

Those interested, reply or PM.