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Accused of hacking. Is this common?

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    only ever accused of cheating once. it was on one of the Atari officail demo servers.

    i was having a LMS with a Player named "Paris", him and me were the last ones in as the other players were eliminated.

    it was in GrendleKeep, i was accused of using a speed hack because i was frequently sailing over his head.

    all i was doing was using the doge jump trick. the server had the Quad-Jump mut on. so coupled with the momentum of the dodge, and the extra distance of the Quad jump. i could cross the huge long hallways (such as the one where the shock was placed) and the large curved areas with the huge staircase (where the Shock hallway runs through) in one leap.

    and boy did i fly accross

    so naturally, such a feat of l33t flying skillz and incredible speed made him beleive that i was hacking.

    (he was pwned in that match btw, because i kept flying over his haid to land behide him and flak him in the back at point blank range )