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teh bad grade + teh parents = teh no computar

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    Originally posted by Scrag Meister (in his accidental New Thread)
    Otherwise the only thing you're gonna be hearing during your career will be "Big Mac and Fries please" or "Get the mop someones spilt a coke"!!

    Work now, play later.
    Getting one C in English (this is what we're talking about right?) won't force someone into a McD job....

    Yes of course time management and priorities need to be carefully done, but one bad grade doesn't destroy a potential career.

    I got a C in one of my Physics A Level modules (1 out of 4 moduless for a 2 year course), and I'll admit right now, that if I'd just scraped a B (I was close) I would've actually got an A overall on the course (I ended up 1 standardised point off an A). It didn't screw anything up for me though. I got 3 As and 1 B, I still got on my University degree, and I'm currently doing a year in industry (at a large UK company) between my 2nd and 3rd years which will prove invaluable experience for future job applications.

    My point being, that one bad grade (relative to your normal performance) doesn't imply a sudden failure in life, though it may imply not having tryed your hardest (or maybe you just found the recent work didn't suit you very well), however that's no reason to remove computer use. Now if ALL grades had gone down, then I wouldn't be making this post, but just one?? You can hardly draw conclusions from that.

    IMO of course. But my parents never took away anything from me for academic performance, they always said that if I thought I'd tryed my hardest, then they'd trust me on that and leave it there. It'd be my own fault if I was lying when I said I'd tryed my hardest, and they made that clear also. That's the kind of thing that helped build the current respect I have for my parents (which didn't used to be as much there because kids invariably don't have that kind of adult respect )


      Note to self: when I have kids, NEVER let them come to this forum. Some of these posted responses clearly indicate the immaturity of the people that visit this forum. It's just sad to hear all these people complain about what this guy's parents are doing (probably for his own good). When your grades take a dunk because you are watching too much tv, playing too many games, putzing around too much, etc., what do you expect your parents to do? If they are responsible parents, they will do something about it. Now, their method of dealing the punishment might be a bit unorthodox, but it gets the point across.

      For those of you that think that the parents are insane, I hope you all will not procreate. The world needs fewer morons.

      The world is definitely going to the crapper.


        To be successful you need practical experiance as well as grades.

        I came out of Uni with top marks on my degree, but when it comes to looking for work, your qualification only gets you so far.

        I currently work as a web-developer for an ISP, and I learnt ALL my PHP/MySQL coding through my own efforts. The reason I got the job over other applicants was:

        A) My degree shows that I am capable of producing detailed analysys/design/test reports (something most self-taught programmers dont even know exist).

        B) My degree also showed that I am capable of learning new technologies and adapt to new environments easily.

        C) The fact that I self taught the primary skill required for my job shows that I have an active interest in the area of the job.

        D) I ran a UT clan, which means an extra member for the lunchtime LAN sessions.

        Both your qualifications and you experiance are important in the future, dont neglect one for the other, and ESPECIALLY dont neglect either of them for games.

        Their could also be other reasons for the PC removal, perhaps you are spending all your free time indoors, instead of going out meeting people, partaking in active sports. I have seen plenty of people who have spent their entire youth around computers, and cant cope in the real world (That 95% LG accuracy you worked hard to acheive means nothing when you have nothing to say at a party). The only way out of that hole is to get a **** fine job, drive a niiiice car, and find some gold-digging playboy to shack up with


          Hmmm. Well, at least there's tech club at my school. And they play UT99 there on occasion.


            You are 1337.


              Originally posted by Distortional
              You are 1337.
              Why thanks.

              Now explain why.


                Cause j00 is TEH WIN!!! TEH 10000000000th postzAR!


                  You probably got a 'C' in Honors English because you mispell words like "the" and you don't realize it because you do it all the time on the computer!

                  Hmmm...You can argue that chatting on forums can actually build your vocabulary and typing skills. Have you tried that approach yet?!


                    Originally posted by squoibymox
                    You'd get hot for your mom?
                    If my mom was hot, I'd re-enact the entire birthing process....except in reverse......and with my ***** instead of my head.....unless my head would fit, and then I'd use my head.


                      Wanna know sumthing funny?

                      i got my interim grades today. i got As and Bs . i also got effort marks. on a level of 8 being the lowest amount of effort, and 1 being th e highest, i got 5 7s 2 8s, and 1 6.


                        Originally posted by ^vs^Bazza
                        well i have learnt ALOT more (for the kinda work im going for) from using my computer than i did in school and college and now imy home computer is my main source of income while im at college :up:

                        guess it depends what he does with it
                        lol he "learnt ALOT"...


                          Thanks for all of the comments and the support, I've been having a bad week, but this thread is taking the edge off of it.

                          As for TheDeacon's post... :bulb:



                            I am in almost the same situation. I am taking 3 AP classes (college level, US History, Psychology, and English) 2 honors classes (physics and precalculus), Level 4 French, and one easy class; computer graphics, all in 11th grade. This past quarter, I got A's and B's except for a C+ in French (oh come on!) a C in precalc and a D+ in History (first to D for me to EVER get on a report card, mainly because this History class is way different and much harder compared to the AP World history I took last year) My dad completely flipped out on me, for my grades. All my life I have gotten good grades, and then he threatens to take my computer (which I saved almost 6 months of salary, non stop) and chuck it out the window. That's a bit messed up if you ask me. I never go out and get drunk, or smoke or do anything wrong around the house. It gets kind of annoying cause nothing I do is ever good enough. I do more **** around the house than anyone and I take harder classes than anyone in my family has ever taken. I understand where he is coming from, but to throw MY computer out the window is a bit too far don't you think? Sometimes I think my dad really needs to chill out and stop being so god **** controlling over every aspect of me life. I can't drive and rarely go out with friends because my dad is an *******, and then I actually get a relationship with a girl and he later flips out on me because I went to her house for Halloween instead of us being at my house. WAAYY too controlling my dad is and sometimes I wish he would take a chill pill and look at where I am. Playing games is my way of relaxing and getting away from all the worries of school and working and what have you. But whatever, I'm only 16, what do I know?



                              Originally posted by placebo
                              Hmmm. Well, at least there's tech club at my school. And they play UT99 there on occasion.

                              my school had one too.

                              man they sucked


                                Originally posted by Cataclysm
                                and chuck it out the window.

                                as messed up as it sounds he has the legal right to do that, since you are a minor.