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teh bad grade + teh parents = teh no computar

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    Originally posted by iApple
    Uhm, he said that he payed for the comp, and he is posting on theboard from school.

    I couldn't do half my work without a computer. My teachers won't accept handwritten stuff.
    lol but that proves my point further

    his grades are bad, so he posts on the UT message board.....FROM SCHOOL! That's actually even worse, even if he had free time (which could be used to get his grades up with extra credit, etc)

    I missed the part about him buying his comp himself, I stand corrected on that, but still, it's his parents' house, electricity and they probably pay for the internet costs too.

    It's like having a car but your parents paid for the gas, garage and maintenance.


      To the original poster...

      Here's the dope man: You're a MINOR.

      Your are an ENSLAVEMENT TRAINEE.

      Once you've reached majority you'll learn about real enslavement, unjust deprivation, and dealing with stuff that is TRULY "effed".

      Swallow the pain, digest the hate, and defecate either poison that kills and incarcerates you or seeds of wisdom that might make you grow...


        To the original poster: Your situation isn't that bad. Dude, I would trade places with you in a minute....especially if your mom is a HOT little MILF with double joints and no gag reflex.


          What are these parents you speak of? Some sort of wizardry?


            Originally posted by TheDeacon
            To the original poster: Your situation isn't that bad. Dude, I would trade places with you in a minute....especially if your mom is a HOT little MILF with double joints and no gag reflex.
            You'd get hot for your mom?


              I'll keep this simple.

              Grades mean ****.


              What matters is whether or not you learned the material. Some people get A's and come out of a class not knowing a **** thing. Some people Fail the class and could pass the final with 100%.

              Oh, in the U.S. as long as you are a minor, anything you buy, anything bought for you, or anything that comes into your posession belongs to your parents or legal guardians. End of story.


                Originally posted by TheDeacon
                To the original poster: Your situation isn't that bad. Dude, I would trade places with you in a minute....especially if your mom is a HOT little MILF with double joints and no gag reflex.
                :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: ROFL
                nice one heh heh
                family forum?
                i can see someone reporting that one.


                  i feel ya placebo.. i almost got the exact same prob as you do.
                  but i learned to deal with it, i was rly addicted to ut2k4 but it's better this way. there's no future in videogames or whatso ever.


                    Originally posted by CWhatcott
                    Well put.

                    And as for everyone else who has brushed off this school business as nothing but **** and a waste of time... lets all apply for the same job and see who gets it.

                    You can complain all you want about school, but it seems like the only people who are whining about it are the ones who don't do well. Natural human response. It you can't do it then its really not important, right?

                    $15 an hour?! WOW! Its funny that a degree can get you double or triple that...
                    I did that. Got a job before I even got my A-level results through (a D and an E because I really didn't care at that point). Then got a job at another company (beating out some guys from uni, I saw their CV's during a throw-away a year or so later) because I actually knew how to get the test PC they'd given me back on the network. Then met my current boss through a car club. Now work for a company which not only lets me play games during work hours, but even pays for a 32-player server.

                    My hobbies got me my jobs, not my cack qualifications.


                      Its quite obvious that your parents are selling your pc bit by bit to fuel there crak adicttion


                        Let's see if I've got this right...

                        Your folks see the report card and decide to speak to you about the C. Instead of acting at least a little bit upset about it you blame the teacher, your school, your car, sports, and call them teh noobs. Right?

                        Here's a little insight. What they want is to see you stay in honors english. They want you to understand that this is important to them. If you'd acted sorry, upset, possibly said something like "I've been distrtacted you know there this girl..." they would have been more helpful as they understand the situtation and feel they can deal with it. Instead you open yourself up for the most obvious punishment, your computer. This is as dumb as walking into a shock-combo after you've seen someone go around a corner.

                        You can still fix this. All you need to do is simply give them a problem they understand and can fix. It doesn't even have to be real. It may also help to talk to them a little more. If you knew you where getting a C you should have prep them for it.


                          If you honestly believe that your PC usage has no effect on your education then that sounds rough. But in reality I know kids who are genuinly addicted to this and other games and they chose to play above doing homework or extra activities.

                          Sad thing is that they are in complete denial, like most addicts, and by the time they seek help the opportunity of education will be closed to them forever. And ever.

                          N1, you proved yourself in the online ladders or whatever but have no job, future, prospects, friends, etc, etc.

                          Seriously, if you have a real problem with addiction you will thank your parents one day because you will never know how important education is until you are out in the 'real world' and have to put a roof over your head and food on the table...

                          But if you are a well balanced young lad which is more than likely then that sounds a bit harsh! In which case, why do you think you got a (relatively?) low mark?


                            I have a question way off topic.

                            How come half you morons spell "the" the wrong way?

                            O, O, wait let me guess it's a typo done on purpose like "pwn"

                            . . . :bulb:


                              My view on this is ur parents are partly right and so are u, u have to understand the importance of a good education.

                              Lets stick to the core subjects, maths, english lit, english lang and science. These are invaluable subjects, that'll build the foundation for ur future.

                              Ignore all the retards saying education doesnt mean ****, it does. Especially now more than ever. Here in the uk, if two people going for the same job have the same degree classification, they'll look deeper into the academic history and then base it on ucas points for A levels.

                              Yes interview skills count and experience, but before any of that happens, when it comes to eliminating and weeding out potential employees, they'll look at academic results. Especially in big firms, like glaxo, oracle, microsoft etc

                              Now i got a private education, so im fortunate enough to say im lucky. My A level results in Maths, Chemistry and Computer Studies were two A's and one B in chemistry, my old man wanted me to go for medicine, i wanted to be a software engineer and thats precisely what i am.

                              But recently i got back into reading books and setting time aside for this, in particular mario puzo's godfather, bill byrson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. I was amazed how bad my reading skills were and how long it took me to finish chapters in a book.

                              I got two A's in english lit and lang, but due to all this computer and internet time, the last time i read a book until recently was when i was around 19. So basically it does hinder ur reading skills and communication skills, and maybe it's best he leave the comp alone for awhile and brush up on his english.

                              He can learn his c++ and java, php, asp later on. Games will come and go, but not the fundamentals of a solid education.

                              Personally i couldnt care less what children on this forum think about what i've said, i'll stick to my opinions and views. Tradition is more important to me, having a healthy body and a healthy mind.

                              I train hard and i work hard **** it :up:

                              Screw u pimple faced acne punk kids, i'd crush the lot of u


                                Originally posted by °»K@M«°
                                Someone needs a hug!