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    Originally posted by BooGiTyBoY
    I play with a sens of 1.75
    My buddy also plays with a 4.5 setting and it feels EXACTLY the same speed as mine. It all has to do with your hardware, your mouse settings in windows, etc.
    If you ment that for me, I actually tried the mouse of my friends and it turns more 11 times 360 degrees on a func mousepad. Mine turns about 1½ times


      Originally posted by wickedsteve
      Practicing in instagib games seems to improve my aim. Make sure your mouse sensitivity is not too high or too low.
      Insta Gib is like the village bike, everyone uses it once


        I regard aim as a secondary skill. What's most important to me is awareness and coordination. Awareness is the ability to know at every moment what's going on around you and to perceive several things at the same time: the opponents (and team mates) around you and their supposed next actions, your weapon choice, your next steps, possible escaping moves, etc., all at the same time. Basically, it's about avoiding a tunnel-view. And coordination is your ability to react quickly and take the right steps almost automatically. Awareness and coordination go hand in hand in that good coordination frees your mind to concentrate on other things but your movement, i.e. get more aware. And vice versa, feeling what's going on around you helps you pull off the right moves.
        With good awareness and coordination, everything seems less hectic, you feel like controling the match instead of being tossed around randomly. Aim and movement will follow naturally.
        As for practice: playing online will help you improve far more than practising offline, IMO. Whenever I played offline for a longer time, I always felt sorta overwhelmed when going online again, and could barely apply anything I practised before. And, playing a little every day helps more than playing a lot only once a week.