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give Gunti some map advices

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    give Gunti some map advices

    what are you favourite maps ( default/official ) and user-created.
    i somehow came down to mostly just play rankin, compressed and grendelkeep, sometimes that campgrounds remake theese days.

    i browse the user-created-content map forum regulary, but someone most of em dont turn out to be a keeper in my maplist for various reasons.

    gimmi some ideas of what to play. maybe i overlooked some great ones.

    i dont like maps that:
    - feature the sniper-rifle
    - need a "modern" computer to run smooth
    - are very small / cramped
    - are focused around a "special effect" / - or outstanding visuals
    - have a confusing layout ( i tend to like symmetrical maps )
    - have a bad weapon placement or:
    - do not feature any of theese weapons:

    - LG
    - SR
    - Flak
    - Mini

    best if they feature all "offical" dm weapons except the sniper rifle.

    Please only post DM Maps.