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Player Highlighting and you (no 56k)

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    Originally posted by JaFO(JBE)
    that's what teammates and a good comms-system are for ...
    and if that fails there's the zoom-function.

    Point is : I have no need to even notice the enemy at those distances that 'highlighting' the enemy is needed to be able to do my job,.
    Never mind that they're no immediate threat to my position in any example.
    Who uses the zoom-function? Haven't use it once, takes to much time ^^ I just think the people who like highlighting/brightskins want this game to be fast paced action game and not a futuristic version of a slow paced game like cod/cs/bf where hiding in shadows. Using hard to see skins/skinbugs to get an advantage shoudn't have any impact on the outcome of the game. Others clearly want the opposite and some want it to be somewhere inbetween.

    My personal take on this is that eyesight shouldn't make as big a difference as it does today with the default skins. People should be able to configure some parts of the game like the skins and highlighting in order to see the opponent just as well on any map as their opponents. The sad fact is that it is a major importance what team your are in on some maps. Take Deck17 for example. You dont want to be stuck with the blue team on that map since the red team will blend in with the enviroment while the blue team will stand out quite well.

    Forcing default characters and player hightlighting are both good features that makes the game more focused on what I think this game should be about: aim, timing, tactics, movement and the ability to perform well under pressure. In it's default state UT2004 is just as much about tweaking the game in order for you to spot your opponents. Adjusting the gamma, decreasing the detail settings, disable graphical features to gain an advantage are imo just as "bad" as using player highlighting and brightskins....


      Originally posted by I_LoveToKill
      If you'r not a known player with verifiable skills, your opinion means NOTHING to me.
      Now that's the kind of quote that means a lot about your ego.
      Btw, it's spelled "you're".


        Yep I wheeled in a few stupid replies from it allready, so it's doing it's job

        Thanks for the language lesson, how is your danish?


          I use the zoom quite a lot, but it's obviously quite situational.
          On AS-Convoy for example, when you're defending the bridge controls, if you see the warning sign flashing indicating someone's near, I usually zoom and wait for them to walk into a free headshot.

          While charging the upper catwalk in AS-Fallencity to destroy the 2 gate thingies, there are usually people standing around the defending team's turret. Zooming while running along that catwalk has earned me a couple of headhunter awards.

          Edit: Wow Lovetokill, you just admitted you were a baiter, you know?


            Originally posted by Fuzzlebunny
            Edit: Wow Lovetokill, you just admitted you were a baiter, you know?
            What? my title didnt give that away allready?