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When Is A New Bonus Pack Coming?!?!

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    Originally posted by -Loric-
    Don't tempt them.

    /or maybe it's a tricky ploy to get them to release a second 'ONS bonus pack' because you are a heavy ONS player ? :noob: :bulb:
    Heh, I wish I could enjoy ONS like many of the other people here. Unfortunately (as far as I'm concerned) it's pathetic. ;P


      Originally posted by Twisted_Soul
      YES! we need more good BR maps(i think ive said this b4 but maybe not. them box/hall maps suck). then to go with those good new maps we need more servers running BR the only way it should be played...with the TL Disabled.

      I just found my soul-mate.


        you're all so cool


          Originally posted by coldplasma
          you're so cool
          i know, I know..


            Personally I don't think there's too much to whine about... even if they're not official Hourences & Nathillien are still mapping for UT2004 and there are other good custom maps coming out, like Nagem or the remake of Bloodrun and if I'm not wrong Soma has a pair of maps in beta stage. So enough stuff to keep us busy anyway!
            On the other hand I'm still curious about the DavidM maps bought from Epic no-one has seen...


              I want I want I want gimme gimme gimme


                Originally posted by STANGFRIIK
                I want I want I want gimme gimme gimme

                Some ppl are just not happy with what they got

                All these game types plus the ece bonus pack,as well as patches,**** this has more stuff in it than any other game i`v bought.

                Thats without the cbp 1 & 2 plus the remakes of ut maps..
                (also there`s a cbp 3 comming out sooner or later i think)

                Some you ppl should be greatfull with what you got allready.
                (Just no pleaseing some i guess.)


                  I have an assault map in the works (still getting pwned by my alpha tester on the gameplay :bulb: )

                  1) Because the idea is funny as hell.
                  2) I got tired of seeing nothing but race and trials maps come out.

                  As was pointed out before, they take a hell of a lot of time to make. Most mappers don't have the attention span for that. :bulb::up:

                  And if it makes you feel better, I had never planned on making an ONS map.


                    I would like a official bonus ONS map pack from Epic please.

                    10 new maps would be good.

                    I know Torlan is a good map but come on, enough all ready.


                      Originally posted by breadtruck
                      ONS has new maps coming out every day.
                      This guy speaks the truth. ONS has so many maps as it is. Why do you need Epic to label some as "official"? User made maps are just as good.


                        Originally posted by -TW-
                        They should just release all maps soma has ever made as a pack and put it into this community section in the ut2k4 menu. They´re all high quality maps and are already often played on high quality servers but releasing them as an official pack wouldn´t hurt anyone.
                        This strikes me as funny..
                        Epic plz release a BP, and add community made maps to it even though we can d/l them now and not waste any of the devs time in creating new stuff and fixing bugs.....

                        If you are looking for an official sanction, Epic has already givin thier blessings on custom content a bunch of times...

                        Epic, make some new stuff!
                        Right now, the best game type with the least amount of maps is AS.


                          I think the idea was that the particular maps are all together in an easy to find place...I am still COMPLETELY unfamiliar with the maps by soma peopel are talking about...this is why thaht idea is good!


                            They are all together in one place most of the time.

                            If not in your cache, then...






                            Epic is not your Google...

                            Id like to see more Epic style fun, let the community pack up thier own maps...


                              The only xpac we need would be one from DE... at this point I would prefer epic just give up and focus on their other engine before they kill this game even more.


                                Originally posted by breadtruck
                                This guy speaks the truth. ONS has so many maps as it is. Why do you need Epic to label some as "official"? User made maps are just as good.
                                Because more servers will play it. If its offical.

                                Seems that way.