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[OT] Intel or AMD?

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    I am also planning on getting an AMD 64 cpu. First things first though is that I gotta replace my graphics card. The **** keeps on crashing whenever I play games for a few hours. Currently I have an Intel P4 @ 2.4ghz with a 533FSB and a GB of crappy DDR333 ram. My next rig will mostly likely be an AMD 64 3400+ with 1MB L2 cache and 1 GB of DDR400 ram.


      I think the PPC970 should be added to that poll, since for desktop productivity, it's almost unbeatable, especially for the price.


        Hmm, AMD is the dominant one, which I didn't doubt would occur!

        Also, does anybody know if Intel will be releasing a 64 bit CPU within the next year? I use my system primarily for Unreal mapping, 3D modelling and animation nowadays, and I plan on doing some extensive work with Unreal Engine 3 when it's available to the modders through Epic's next game, and since Tim Sweeney said that development work for the next generation Unreal Engine would undoubtedly require a 64bit CPU, I will most certainly buy a 64bit processor :-)


          AMD64 if you get AMD. It beats Intel in 90% of performance benchmarks, is future compatible and way cooler (heat wise).


            I want teh FX-55 processor...


              AMD myself.

              I build Pentiums for any people doing actual work.

              Read: They've got 3d Studio Max running, they've got Photoshop running, they've got 3 other pieces of company software running...

              I've said it before:

              AMD = faster

              Intel = stronger


                AMD +1


                  I just buy something that sounds powerful and like magic my computer works and runs UT2004 just fine \o/


                    Originally posted by placebo
                    I think the PPC970 should be added to that poll, since for desktop productivity, it's almost unbeatable, especially for the price.
                    That depends on how you define desktop productivity.

                    I define it as SolidWorks/COSMOS, AutoCAD, ALGOR, and ProEngineer/Mechanica.

                    I don't know of anyone who uses PPC anything for any of these applications. I think AutoCAD is the only one of these packages that even offers anything on the PPC platform.

                    And, even though I would build MYSELF a new Socket 939 tomorrow if I needed a new system, I would choose a P4 or possibly Xeon system for my work box.

                    In my field and those fields with which I work (Engineering, designing, architecture, databasing, programming, FEA analysis) PPC and productivity are effectively oxymorons.

                    Unless you're a graphics artist or consider style an important factor in choosing a computer, I'm hard pressed to think of any reason why a PPC Mac makes sense.

                    Of course, maybe this is bitterness from High School when I 'learned' computers for the first time on an old *** Apple somethingerather.

                    Well, when I went into College, I found that the real world uses UNIX and DOS. My albeit limited point-and-click 'knowledge' of the Mac was about as useful as a hole in the head.

                    Thanks Public School :up:


                    scratch that, AutoCAD is x86 only too


                      Mac fanboys seem to think there's a Mac equivalent for anything anyone would do on Windows.

                      Where they get this illusion is beyond me - it must be from Mac message boards on the net or something...


                        Wow, I bet this thread has never happened in this forums history. It is simply toooooo insightful and original, and I must kowtow to its greatness.