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Need help for firefox

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    Need help for firefox

    I need help with firefox, i messed it up recently now when i try to use it the back forward doesnt work, adress bar doesnt work, sidebar has a blank thing, bookmarks dont work, nothing. Reinstalling dont help i need my firefox back!! Can someone tell me a way to 100% remove all firefox stuff?

    umm....add remove programs? in control panel. That works for uninstalling most things. And also most decent programs come with uninstallers, in their folder. Also firefox has its own forums i think


      I said uninstalling didnt work


        C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Mozilla
        if you have windows xp.
        after deleting the contents of that folder (you will lose your extensions and stuff), reinstall firefox.

        i don't know if this will work, because i haven't tried this myself


          Would deleting the regisrty keys do anything?

          If so then you want to get hold of a decent regisrty cleaner.

          I use Webroot and its pretty good.


            Ya, make sure to delete your profile.
            Here is where to find your Profile Folder.


              OK sure fire method for good install:

              1. remove profile as specified above Rootdrive>documents n settings>your name>>application data>mozilla. - I would just rename this folder to mozilla2 or soemthing that way you don't lose everything (if you have stuff you want to keep)

              2. Download Regseeker, jv16 powertools or system mechanic (i.e. some kind of registry cleaner) adn remove any firefox entries - You should really have to do this though.

              3. Go to Rootdrive>program files>mozilla Firefox (or whatever) in folder press ctrl A to select all then del key (delete) and clean out folder.

              4. reinstall - I use moox builds cause they're optimized and work much faster than the vanilla builds -

              5. Make a clean profile and get it all setup the way you like it then download and install mozbackup -

              and use it to back up your profile for easy repair in case of fvck up.

              If you want to tweak your user preferences etc there is a sample file here -


                ³Þ` fixed my problem i just didnt reply.

                So pyro, nirv and freak; you jsut wasted your time.