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Fwd to Epic: The problems with Onslaught

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    What the hell are you talking about?
    The long, drawn out matches are the most fun

    Hell, getting a turnaround on Torlan isn't that hard, just need a few good pilots and a lot of kamikaze runs


      here we go again... another omgepicplzfix! thread...

      all I have to say is:

      now go play some vCTF is you think ONS sucks so hard...

      [edit]The virus! it is spreading! :alien:
      [edit2]Have to agree with Kel here... drawn out Torlan matches are fun... eventually the winning team gets frustrated, makes mistakes, and you can come back... but that's generally after all the n00bs get bored and leave, so only the slightly more... experienced.. players remain.
      [edit3]Ok, so I just now decided to actually read more than the first paragraph of your post... and I must say... ignore everything above the edits and hope someone from EPIC actually listens
      [edit4]Yay for editing...


        Originally posted by S.2
        btw saying ONS is not perfect and isn't the most skilled most strategic thing out there makes you a hater, and gives you aids, acording to the monkey masses
        Whatever man, you know better than that. Sitting here bashing on anyone who plays it or thinks it's anything more than garbage makes you a hater, not saying it isn't perfect.


          Onslaught isn't perfect!


            Re: Fwd to Epic: The problems with Onslaught

            Originally posted by Sirius=KG=
            The games are frequently decided in the first couple minutes and will either end in a blowout, or more likely, go on for another 15 or 20 minutes of a long, slow, painful, pointless struggle to retake or get past your first node. That's just getting to be a waste of time.
            I agree - its why i stopped playing ONS - shame really - i really liked ONS but for this reason.

            More final nodes like Dawn is one answer i think.


              Originally posted by {AVS}MaxC
              If a manta is coming straight for you, you cannot just lock an avril. What you have to do is:

              1.) move out of the way and then hit the target once it passes you
              2.) shoot the avril when the manta gets close, but do not right click to lock, just keep your cross hairs on the manta and the avril will hit from the front

              The only thing I think Epic needs to change on ONS is to REWARD the people who link with points and take away points from those who change team to be on the winning team after X amount of time or those who never build a node, just fly around and get know who you are!
              I agree with a lot of that -especially the changes to the points reward system.

              I never use the '"lock" when I shoot an Avril. The whole skill of using it it is for the missile to hit your target less than a second after you lock on.

              It could be packet loss that's causing problems with avrils loosing the lock online.

              Secondly, if a manta is that close to you; very simply you are either

              Standing somewhere you shouldn't be - try finding little leges, or corners to build nodes from
              Not anticipating a manta coming in. 9 out of 10 manta pilots will come along the same route.

              Balancing - how do we address that?

              2 ways - Now that stats are reliable; automatically via stats.
              The best 2 players from the previous round gets to choose their team members. Sounds daft, but having some sort of team authority could help foster the ideas of team strategy and coordination.


              Turning games of ONS round is very achievable- especially now that we have the paladin. But there are loads of moments in onslaught that are satisfying in their own right - like blowing up a distant manta with a well placed tank shell. There is endless variety in my mind.

              (And, personally Dawin is the map I dislike most. I don't know why - probably because it is linear and a bit one dimentional.) It's horses for courses, and there are plenty of gametypes ou there to keep everybody happy.


                Vehicles are pretty good in their current form, each one having its strengths and weaknesses... and the often complained Goliath and Manta are not too hard to handle once you know how to defend against them.

                Spider Mines are annoying in their current form and not really the defensive weapon they were meant to be. The best proposal I´ve read so far was to give them a few seconds of activation time in which they are just sitting around doing nothing, which would basically render them insuifficient for close combat

                Many of the maps available for Onslaught need improvement, since they have either bad node setups that enforce lockdown situations and endless battles around the base nodes. The other point is that vehicle and weapon placement is less than optimal in some maps.
                No reason to blame the map authors that created the first maps though, keep in mind they had to develop maps for a new and untested gametype. It just took time to find out what kind of node setups are good and which are not.

                The major reason for crappy matches though is the misbalance in teams - if teams are halfway balanced, even maps with flaws will serve as a ground for nice games.
                Since team balance is hard to control code-wise or in another automated fashion, it would be good if players became more sensible and would balance out teams appropriately. Many players (including me) occasionally look up the number of players per team during a match and switch sides if they feel it is necessary.


                  1) Regarding the avril losing its lock, that's most likely due to lag issues, not the weapon being nerfed. I have a horrendous ping most of the time, usually 150+ and many times exceeding 200, and I get a sustained avril lock infrequently. I still use it but I have to take care in how I use it and try my best to get a last second lock.

                  2) You might want to re-evaluate your gameplay. Like everyone, I've participated in the matches you describe; matches that are decided in the first minute, or drag on over a fight over the final node. I too was getting bored with those type of games.

                  Recently however, I've been involved in quite a number of comeback wins. I'm a very aggressive player and usually the top or second ranked player on the server. I kill nodes and power up nodes, and I do everything a team player is supposed to do by playing for the team and not personal stats.

                  I got frustated as you did by those type of games and thought this was no fun. Then I looked at how I was playing and decided that when my team lost control of the map, instead of being aggressive on offense and trying to retake nodes only to have the critical node lost in the process, I would play an aggressive defense at the critical node until such time as a calculated risk could allow me to leave that critical node and try to regain control of the map. I decided to do my best to protect our critical node and keep it fully charged, let my teammates kill at least one of the linking nodes before I might go off to kill the other linking node (tactics vary with map of course).

                  This has lead to me playing in quite a few comeback wins lately and to me, there is nothing more satisfying in ONS than a highly contested comeback win with the outcome in my team's favor.


                    this thread is a mound of dripping diaherrea...

                    the avril is the most common weapon in ons, if the lock was any harder to shake you would complain that its too f*cking good. the only problems with avril lock are caused by latency and framerate problems, which are another matter. in fact, i think a slightly reduced range would be better for ons, because the lock-on avrils follow you miles into the fog.

                    the majority of public onslaught servers are ****. if you want to play a good game, play a pickup with good players or join a clan and have fun wars.


                      :up: Yep I agree

                      Until they start balancing the teams using rank insted of just number of players it will be unbalaced and not very much fun.

                      If you play a lot you get high rank if you play not that much you get low rank and the game tries to divide the people to get a balaced rank total.

                      Well a game ever use this system, I don't know.


                        Granted, while a few of the highest ranked players in Onslaught are indeed excellent at the game, the fact is basically that the key to a high rank is high fragging efficiency, and is not too indicative of the true value of a player (it seems to also be a crapshoot as to whether or not Epic's stats will record your game, or your contribution to it....). I enjoy witnessing the occassional match where a team largely consisting of tank whores & snipers will get owned by a team of kamikaze node-builders.

                        Just thought I'd make a point. Balancing teams by rank sounds like a pretty good idea, actually.


                          Originally posted by Carinae
                          My final suggestion for Epic's next patch is to install a little girl that will climb out of a gamer's monitor and disembowel him/her if he/she switches to the winning team after playing a match for more than 5 minutes. :alien:
                          This I wholeheartedly agree with


                            I have been playing ONS for a awhile now. Node setup is key for a good game. The current node setups for artic, redplanet or any map that has 3 nodes connecting to the first node is foolish and retarded. The only way for a come back form that hell on earth is a good team which is hard to come by sometimes.

                            All though i have been taking command some times if nobody else does and leading my poorly skilled team to victory. Best way to do that is not bark orders at them with voice chat. People get irritated by that so i just use team text and use the number of the node that needs some troops there simple as that. For instance node one is under attack so i just press R then 1.

                            ppl always complain about the team they are on so i say to them lead your team do not whine.


                              ONS really needs to be out of UT, boxed up and made its own game.

                              Some reasons.

                              Weapon balance. Lets face it, the infantry guns (ie the ut guns) are not configured for ONS. If you were to configure them for ONS you would throw them completely out of whack in every other game type. A good exaple is the sniper rifle. In ONS at extreme ranges you can get away with sniping (a tactic that is stupid and worthless out side of ONS), and the smoke/slow swap out balance the gun in ONS... however they have made it completely useless in other game types. There are other examples that swing to either side of the issue to lesser extremes (350 mini amo in DM wtf). The guns simply can't be balanced for vehicular combat games, and DM type games at teh same time.

                              It doesn't fit. Every other game has that "sports competition feel", ONS feels more like a realism warfare shooter under the guise of being sci-fi. It should be developed along it's own lines in a way that helps it, and the rest of the game types should be free of it. The way it's tied in now it can't really be what it should be.


                                Originally posted by IGotARailgun
                                [edit]The virus! it is spreading! :alien:

                                I agree with the first poster.