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    Originally posted by sasuke-kun
    I should lighten up? Maybe those having issues with me should lighten up and not take everything so seriously. "OMG SASUKE MADE JOKEZ ON INA FORUM ABOUT MEH??!?! OMG LIGHTEN UP SASUKE"

    no, better yet, don't take the game (or these forums so seriously)

    to the ina community: so sorry if my sarcastic/satirical nature has offended you, my advice is to take some form of medication and play video games less -- i don't let this game upset me, especially one thats on it's way out

    Are you listening to yourself? Now even if that post was meant as jokingly it certainly comes off as offensive and psuedo-insulting. I dont blame anyone for taking that "too seriously".
    Just saying "I dont mean to be offensive" doesnt justify being offensive, or defensive for that matter.