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How good is Unwheel?

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    Originally posted by slime73
    Whats with you? Girlfriend broke up with you?
    No, this guy asked for peoples opinion and I posted mine. Did I hurt your feelings?

    Originally posted by WileyPeyote
    Look at his wl and sig...but yeah if you didnt I agree with you Imaginos...
    That doesn´t have anything to do with my opinion about this mod. People get WLs for nothing these days, many good people are getting banned. Just take a look at my sig.

    Unlike this Unwheel fanboy who posted this:

    Originally posted by Hugh Jass
    Still a crappy looking, boring mod. :down: :down:
    In the RO 3.1 thread I at least gave reasons why I didnt like the mod.


      Originally posted by WileyPeyote
      Thanks to get back on topic...UnWheel will be on my server after the next release...let me know guys! Oh and BTW are you planning on more bot support?
      bots are surprisingly good at TCF and rabbit now, it worries me I nearly got beaten by one.


        UnWheel MSU has been released
        for all of you who would like to try our newest version, enjoy

        UnWheel Home Page


          Oh and we're gonna start a system similar to Jailbreak Lockdown - play the devs, set times for us to all meet and have a few ( read that lots) games, probably in the weekend. Details are yet to be sorted out.

          Bots are becoming impossible to code, although thanx to Epic's help they've gotten better.