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    what's wrong with critiqueing work? it's all a part of the process, positive or negative. saito voiced his personal opinion, as others have. doesn't mean he has to be a mapper himself.


      i think that anyone who moans about no gameplay, eye candy and no substance etc should show us their efforts in ued.

      From my years of mapping, iv found that the only ones who offer truely great insight into the flaws of your map/mod are ones who have been there and done that before.


        saito may have zero skill in ued, but his ingame skills could be greater than the mappers, so does it not make sense for him to point things out? he's not insulting the mappers visual work, but the gameplay is simply not suited for competition, deal with it.

        i appreciate what mappers do, but they could use to ask about item placement once n' a while, it would do a great deal for the maps, not only for competitions sake, but the general flow/feel/fairness of the map (look a grendel, nice map but item placement is horrid)