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OT: Fellow gamers! I need your help! (Radeon problems)

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    OT: Fellow gamers! I need your help! (Radeon problems)

    Well, I hate to post off-topic, but I'm becoming rather desperate now.

    Original thread can be found here .

    I just bought me a Hercules 3D Prophet Radeon 9600 yesterday, which was a nice leap from my geforce 2 mx400.

    The problem is, of course, it doesnt work. When I turn on my puter with the radeon in, it boots for about 5 seconds then stays idle. Monitor doesnt respond as if I didnt even plug it in (In other words, its the exact same symptoms as if I didnt even have a video card installed).
    I have a 400w power supply, so I beleive that should be enough.
    The radeon works mechanically, the fan and LED starts when I turn on my puter.

    What I think is my problem is my abit kt7a motherboard, some people say that the AGP slot on it cant handle later graphic cards, is this true?
    If it is, it's gonna be a loooong time until I will be able to upgrade (if I need to get a new motherboard and new ram (using SD now)).

    The card works perfectly on another computer.
    Anyone have any clue? Do I need a new mobo?..

    Well, if the card works perfectly on another computer and your geforce boots fine on this one, only thing I could think of is you could try making sure the card is snug in the AGP slot, for a while when I first got my new mobo the computer screen would not even turn on although for some reason the fan on the card did come on. So if you are sure it's snug, and you want to make extra sure because it can look like it's in but it may be sticking out a little bit. Other then that it would be your mobo.


      Oh, and test your card on another computer if you can to see if it's defective. I'm still waiting to get my 9800 back from ATI cause i tried everythinmg except that. Could have had it a week ago.


        Yep, tested it on my dads computer and it worked fine.

        I'm browsing for a new motherboard now, anyone have any suggestions? I'm not really sure what to even look for other than FSB speeds and Agp properties. Support for my old SDram would be a great plus.


          update your BIOS to the latest version.