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Why is UT2004 not popular despite being so good?

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    Why is UT2004 not popular despite being so good?

    This was a response to the Halo2 stats thread, but that one was closed. So here it goes:

    UT2004 suffered from being the successor to UT2003 (a **** failure). I loved UT, hated UT2003, and had I not tried ONS I would never have bought the successor to UT2003. Many people I know that had loved UT but not UT2003 didn't even try it UT2004. "Unreal Tournament" does not have the value once associated with that name, it's a sad fact.

    The marketing was very poor. No proper ads, nothing to expose it to people who didn't know about it or read many game reviews. I mean the ECE was just released as if they were ashamed of it (which they should, btw) although it was supposed to be a re-release of the game. Did it really attract new players?
    Another aspect of marketing is high level competitions ( CPL anyone?) that put the game in the spotlight as a good game worthy of being played, especially now with all the gaming TV channels, magazines and websites.

    Too much diversity. UT2004 should have been only AS, ONS, DM/TDM and CTF. And no mutators that alter the gameplay so much that it splits the community. The main culprit here is Instagib, it started as a training mutator and should have remained so. Would there not be more people playing CTF if there wasn't CTF/iCTF/lg iCTF, with translocator/without translocator...? Dividing a tiny community over too many gametypes and then dividing again over too many mutators is bad. On the other hand things that should be check-boxes (like superweapons) are mutators. Mods are different, they take time and skill to make, and only the very best actually get played.

    Not enough support for the competitive community. Wether it is TDM, CTF, ONS or whatever, there are people that dedicate a lot of time to the game, playing in a clan. They are those that make the game last beyond the initial sale and they are the one that will attract new players. People won't come to a dead game, but to a thriving one. Even just listening to gameplay issues and fixing important things through patches would have been enough. Releasing better maps with the game would have been good as well. 100 maps is absolutely irrelevant if they are not good. A few good maps will get played over and over without it getting boring or gameplay issues arising from the map design.

    Too much time to fix important issues after release for people to wait around. No need to mention the list of bugs, exploits and problems that were/are left waiting, while water splashes, bots etc are implemented.

    Sure the game has a steeper learning curve that most other fps, that does not need to be a problem. Easy to learn, hard to master is a good thing. The problem is not enough servers and the skill-level based matchmaking feature not working. The list of issues adds up and does not attract new players and drives away those already playing. I love the game and play it a lot, though less and less often, but I cannot honestly recommend it to friends that ask for a good fps either single or multiplayer.

    I am going to wait a long time after the release of the next UT before commiting money or time to it.

    insta gib rules

    i thought ut2k3 was a briljant game and ut2k4 even better
    but i think i am the only one who thinks like that of ut2k3 4



      The main part of that post that i fully agree with was the marketing. Atari REALLY dropped that ball on marketing this game. I have a couple friends who played UT2003, but never visted the fourms or the main site, and never knew about UT2004 untill about two month ago, and after i told them about it. If Atari would have put even half an effort into promoting this game, maybe Epic wouldn't be moving to Midway. A move that a year ago would have been a bad one, now i'm not so sure. Atari has done a great service by hosting these fourms, but that is about where they decided to stop. A couple magizine ads doesn't cut it.

      As far as too may gametypes, A game has to evolve. If epic were to release a game with stripped down gametypes, they'd get a backlash from the community saying that they are not doing enough to get a new fan base and they are releasing the same game as before. When they add new stuff, they get a backlash from the community as well. So for Epics case, they're damned if they do and damned if they don't.

      IMO, don't blame Epic for splintering the community fully. Atari needs some of the blame as well for their shotty advertising campain which did not bring as many new players as it should have.


        Unreal Tournament 2004 is a great game and offers so much for so little in cost. People like to make mountains out of mole hills it seems.


          It's the nature of humanity to some extent. Everyone wants instant gratification in a game and they don't want to work very hard to get it. The game requires some time and dedication in order to compete effectively.

          On another note, 2k3 was a lot more popular given equal time after it's release. And I can't see 2k3 sucking and 2k4 being way better when the games are so much alike.


            Before i read the post i tried to answer the title question myself, and tbh advertising was the main thing to come to mind.
            I was talking to some mates yesterday about all the games we like and play, the usual games were mentioned and then i mentioned UT2k4. There were a few "its ok" and a lot didnt even know about it...but all had memories of the first UT. If i wasnt a player of UT2k3 i dont think i would of known about 2k4...the only mention of it (outside of websites i visited for ut2k3) was in a "GAME" advertisment/booklet thing...and that was it. Now i see about one copy of the game in gameshops...usually between "sims - exp. 27" and "barbies wonderful world of adventures".

            Amount of mods and gametypes do split it up a bit, but the reason i kept playing 2k3 was cause of instagib so i wont moan plus is a gametype/mod is so unloved they will die and pose no problem...whilst the few they bring in are still extra gamers. Another slight problem is the gamers who are fans of the series now see the gametypes they have played (DM.CTF etc) now being left alone and unsupported, ECE just proved that.
            Mean while ONS is TOO balanced....the vecs are so easily destoryed it means they are just a form of fast transportation and "another weapon". Meaning the people who want chaos/explosions etc are bored of ons as a tank, which in most games are a form of massive damage, can be taken out by one or two on-foot people.

   the end of the day what i want from a multiplayers game is fun and people to play with. Yes there are fewer servers, but i can still find a full server...


              Originally posted by stoker6
              It's the nature of humanity to some extent. Everyone wants instant gratification in a game and they don't want to work very hard to get it. The game requires some time and dedication in order to compete effectively.

              On another note, 2k3 was a lot more popular given equal time after it's release. And I can't see 2k3 sucking and 2k4 being way better when the games are so much alike.
              Don't all games?


                You guys that are siting advertising are forgetting that just after the game release there was a HUGE on-line presence.

                So then the question becomes; why did everyone leave?


                  Not enough customers were made aware of the game prior to and during launch and those who were and did buy the game now spend more time *****ing and moaning about it than actually playing it.

                  That's not a good combination.


                    I just don't know. I personally think Onslaught and Assault are gametypes that should really appeal to the general gamer out there, and, most that have played it are very positive about it. Yet, a lot of my friends say UT2004 sucks but they've never ever played it. I think it's in part what CliffyB said some time ago. Namely, that including the old UT2003 content made people see UT2004 as a mere add-on, and not worth the 50 bucks. Other than that, UT2004 has good protection against copying. That really does have an impact on player numbers.


                      when i was playing ut2k3 i didnt know about forums


                        Originally posted by BabyNuke
                        Other than that, UT2004 has good protection against copying.....

                        Oh, does it now?



                          tough question to answer regarding why everyone is leaving ut. i think you have to prob look at both sides, the players and the admins who run the servers.

                          being both, i can tell you running a server is a pain in the **** at time, we've had a bunch of patches in the past 6 months with another one due out soon [this next patch hopefully will fix the high cpu usage, and a few other stuff]

                          imo, i think epic did most of the community splitting and not the mutators or whatever else we want to blame it on. i still dont understand what is the purpose of including mutators in the game and at the same time having a 'standard server' check box.....the reality is, a lot of people play with mutators, mods, etc..

                          i'm kinda disappointed with epics support of the different game types....ece, winxp......too much favoritism imo.

                          ut, 2k3, 2k4.....they are all great games....and i can continue to play all three.

                          looking back, we all must of remembered the hype regarding servers being hammered by the massive amount of downloads......and having to wait for hours and hours to download the demo, due to servers being strained.

                          heh, the good old days.


                            Layziepop01 your avatar rocks!

                            Anyway I was happy with UT GOTY and I am happy with UT2004. Its still has a better multiplayer then a lot of other games I have played. Before I brought UT2004 I came here and read some post. There was a lot of complaining going on, but i brought it anyway. I am glad I did that because this is my favorite game on my computer. If they came out with a new Unreal Tournament I would buy it without question. Although I do agree with the advertising. I would have never known about this game if it wasn't for a buddy of mine.


                              I agree with about 90% of what you said.

                              I don’t need 100 different mods. Just a good solid game.