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    I did not know he had the 1 in his name cuz he thinks he's numero uno.
    Maybe I should go by wickedst333333v ?


      Originally posted by *Bb*
      nah, he looks german jugend.
      I think he looks Russian


        Originally posted by ^vs^Bazza
        lol well i dont have an opinion cause i dont like his reputation but lol at that pic he looks so typically american (no offence but ya know what a mean right?) and yes i do realize that he is actually american
        um, i know what u mean if you are talking about hollywood americans. the funny thing about this is that ppl who aren't american think that americans have a general look or additude.....(cough cough, superficial). its like saying all muslims look like indians and want to throw around a few jihads....anywho, i do agree tho(minus said quote), he looks like a complete a$$ but who cares? he is making money off of something that should not be taken so seriously. and who isnt? the ppl in these forums who cant make money off of things that shouldnt be taken so seriously.


          Originally posted by moppel
          Well, you can order stuff in my little fan shop, like the anti-bright-skin t-shirt.

          And here's a wallpaper that I created (using Terragen and Gimp). Feel free to use it for you desktop.

          nice water settings