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Does anybody play Last Man Standing here?!?!??!?!?

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    East Coast of USA with Cable connection. What I mean is there there are always 2 unoccupied servers with pings around 70, but the only ones with people in them have pings around 200.


      Originally posted by SvL
      East Coast of USA with Cable connection. What I mean is there there are always 2 unoccupied servers with pings around 70, but the only ones with people in them have pings around 200.
      You should try our new server, seriously, most get sub 100 pings. Unless you're looking for a particular type setup. There's almost always people in it after 8pm EST.

      I'll Dig up the IP here....... , defualt port I believe. Pull up the Command Prompt and type " ping " .

      Edit: again, the server is in a data center in Chicago.


        The A!M / Liandri servers rock. I ping a little high to them, but fun nonetheless.


          lately i have been playing alot of the TLMS mod with a!m clan and stock LMS, quite fun i like that it's similar to DM but it's not about fragging, but surviving

          someone was complaining that i ran from a few battles in a LMS server, to which i replied this isn't dm, frags arent the goal -- survival is (although i still had the highest frags :P)


            Not I.

            Am I missing anything good?


              Originally posted by Wanted_1
              Not I.

              Am I missing anything good?
              yes, tho the community is rather small , it's worth hopping in a LMS game now and then


                The A!M mod is tops. If you really are a true fan of LMS and TDM you must play. It's like crack. I liked to play LMS but hated to wait. Now with this mod if you get killed early in the round you can at least watch a fellow team member try to take down the remaining players. You don't know what your missing until your the last member of your team and you have to take on 2-3 other players from the other team. It's a rush when you can do it and your team is watching and applauding. And of course it sucks when you don't.



                  Originally posted by =A!M=Timebomb
                  We have a couple servers running this mod, and it's getting alot of attention. Come and check it out folks!


                  Just watch out for Krascher.:sulk:
                  Great mod, great servers, great folks!!!!!!
                  Make sure you mind the last line of the quote though. Krasch the feckin Lightning *****.


                    This aim clan mod is soooooooooooooo freakin good. I remember 1 day following a guy from the CFB clan to play one day and now I play on the liandri server everyday. Its always good times. I hope this becomes a ladder or that epics gives somrecgonition to this mod, especially the Team last man standing, best gametype I've played in a while.....


                      Thanks for the player names all... I'll add A.S.A.P

                      Anyone that posted their name i added to buddy list

                      What is IP to A!M server?

                      And TeamLMS4 will be coming out, along with CTF4,TDM4 and BR4. With thes you can also do a 3 team match instead of 4.

                      Does anyone know [M]I[K]?


                        TeamLMS4 won't hold a candle to a!m's TLMS mod

                        btw i'm «lr»sasuke` and sometimes shawkrifel


                          First off I would like to thank everyone for the kind words. We are truly proud of our mod and are thankful that the community has embraced it.

                          Very soon we will be releasing an update to the mod with brightskins added and possibly a map pack along with it.

                          =A!M=e.Byte is probably one of the most amazing unknown mappers in UT and hopefully this mod will change that. He has made such amazing maps as "Relinquish", "Garden of Stone", "Mecheria","Ages", "Murk" and the Cliffy Award winning "Somber Eve".

                          Keep your fingers crossed!!


                            Awesome i'll be sure to check out some of his maps...

                            Thanks for the heads-up :up:


                              yes i play, and yes i would kick ur ***.



                                Jep i sometimes play on

                                But now i usualy play TeamElimination2k4 (Team LMS Style) its exacly same as LMS on (same config e.g no pickups ect) but we put 10 lifes on for each player to make it even scored

                                Its very popular, however server is down atm

                                There is a Clanbase Petition here for a ladder for it