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    Originally posted by breadbaker
    I'm sure most of these "I want an IPod/I love my IPod" never tested anything else.

    Desire built up by media. Try them out and you'll see.

    I dumped mine for an HP140 cause a friend had one and I tried it out.
    I nearly had tears in my eyes for wasting my money on an IPod.
    I've had the opposite experience, I have a 20 gb archos jukebox and have used my friend's nomad Zen. Personally, I wish I had an ipod. They will integrate w/ iTunes on my PC(not a mac), and have direct integration for car audio use. Alpine has a head unit that allows iPod to dock and u can browse your music library on the head unit. Pioneer is also following suit within a few months.

    Another thing to consider is size and weight. iPod is smaller and lighter than its creative/archos/RCA/Sony counterparts. So it doesn't just cost more for the sake of costing more.


      Originally posted by Nirvelli
      Get an iPod, I really don't like Apple but the iPod is the only good thing they've ever done. It's really easy to use and stuff. I have one of the original hard-drive MP3 players, the Creative Nomad Jukebox 10Gb, it's about the size of a CD Player, but it's still great.
      So, is it because you don't like apple that you think they've only done one good thing? Or do you actually have working experience to back your opinion up?


        Originally posted by Olinskis
        So, is it because you don't like apple that you think they've only done one good thing? Or do you actually have working experience to back your opinion up?
        Well, every time I have ever used an Apple computer something has gone wrong. It either crashes or freezes or gives me that little box that says "hey idiot you blew up tEh computer" with a picture of a bomb. Or it does wierd stuff like the icons in that dock thing are bouncing all the time and don't stop even with nothing running. This bad reputation goes back to using the old 5" floppy boot computers constantly dying up to the brand new iMacs (dome w/LCD) that my school got for video editing, and some other ones in between. I think that counts as enough "experience."
        However, I have used an iPod and I really though it was good, although my old Nomad would be perfectly fine it if just had a bit more RAM.:bulb:


          Talk about drones!!!

          The ipod is the sexiest in the looks department but is the worst in the features department!
          Most of the other HD MP3 players on the market offer a lot more battery life and are a hell of a lot cheaper!

          With the IPOD you can't upgrade the battery or HD without breaking the case (it's deliberate). Others say it voids warrantee (so best done after it's a year old). Some even have replaceable batteries.

          Don't forget that to use an Ipod you need Itunes, they are now clamping down on un-authorised plugins so you get very little flexability. Most other players look like a removeable HD when connected and are far more versitile.

          Here's my ulitimate suggestion if you want a small player

          Small as an Ipod, 20GB capacity plus extra space if you use a CF card.
          It also plays MP4 VIDEO as well as games.

          Check out for more details. Their players kick the ar** of most other players and have been producing MP3/MP4 players for years!