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    Originally posted by Trailboss3
    Thats Awesome :up:
    I can't wait for that one
    Be afraid, be very afraid!! Ive seen some "strange and unusual maps". Its scary :haha:

    Good news there Nighty :up:


      I'll be taking in any and all map suggestions this month. So lemme know if there's something odd you'd like to see on the server.


        Can I ask a favor of you fine ladies and gentlemen who frequent my 8-slot DM Xmas server to please go and try our 10-slot DM Xmas server? I need to have it playtested, and see if it's good for the load. We got rid of our ONS server since no one ever played it, and instead have a rotation of the 2 most popular maps on the other one: DM-December24th and DM-Legoland on the rotation. The server is in BETA, after it's burned in and we know it's good to go, I'll add some more maps. The other one is full most of the time, so this will allow some people to get on and play if the other one is full up.

        Target's Xmas SlayBells *Happy Holidays* =)

        Thanks in advance, let me know if there are any issues!! :up:


          Well, another year has come and gone, and with it another great holiday season. I hope everyone enjoyed playing on the Halloween and Christmas servers this year. God willing, we'll have them back next year for your gaming pleasure. We had a blast running them, and made alot of good friends and acquired some cool regulars. Thanks everyone for making the seasonal servers such a blast, I had a great time getting owned by you guys!!!!1 :up:


            NP, can't wait for the next one


              Thank you so much nightstormer!