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ONS dying now due to school/work?

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    as far as ons slowing down... <shrug> its had months of fanfare. I'm moving into vctf and loving it.


      Originally posted by BeatConductor
      Like the manta which goes the fastest, and at the hands of a skilled player, they can run over anyone no matter where they are in the map. Even in the highest spots(see Torlan). Besides that it takes one ARVIL to take it down, a skilled player can evade it easly.

      I personally think that this vehicle is overrated.

      If I was to create an onslaught map, I woulden't add any mantas.
      It's not hard to avoid a manta.


        I use the same filter, but get more servers.

        And not only is it easy to find a game, but I usually have to wait to get on my favorite server (Kona low-ping). When that one's too full to play, I often miss being the last guy in on two or three servers in a row before I finally get on.

        In other words, I'm seeing the opposite.... it appears to me that more and more people are playing. Go figure.


          The server list I get ingame is always incomplete. I know that because I've got servers in my favourites that do show up there, but not in my browser list. Now, it could be that they aren't advertised, but they're all servers you'd expect to. I figure it's my router causing problems.

          All Seeing Eye reports 469 servers online for Onslaught at the moment.


            I still play onslaught though.


              I think it depends on what time of day you're looking, still seems pretty full in the evenings to me.


                Just wait until XMP comes out, that might spark a bit more interest



                  I've stopped playing as much as I used to mostly due to ATCC..

                  Makes me lagg... and increase load times to insane lengths...