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This is how Americas Army has been made

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    Re: Re: This is how Americas Army has been made

    Originally posted by MrM0rden
    He, incredible. I remember the good old day of the Spectrum and c64, one guy one game
    It still happens, but times have definitly changed for commercial games.
    In part, I think this is the reason we see less interesting and less games nowadays. Less interesting because most game developers seem to go for sure things, and rely on tried and true concepts and good graphics because if a game fails you've spent 2-5 years worth of pay for a 10-100 man team on nothing. Less because less companies have that kind of money to begin with.

    It's also the reason I'm kind of glad Epic's next game won't be Unreal but something different. (it's 3rd person tho', so I'm not getting too excited)