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Americas Army Exclusive interview with [Dev]technoloG

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    Americas Army Exclusive interview with [Dev]technoloG

    Americas Army Exclusive interview with [Dev] technoloG

    Interviewer: Soldat20
    Interviewee: [Dev]technoloG

    Soldat-Where do you think Americas Army will go in the future?

    TechnoloG-Our goal is to continue implementing America's Army to push the limits of current gaming technology while staying true to representing the U.S. Army. We are constantly trying balance our design goals between realism and fun. To start, we use the Unreal Technology (, which is constantly evolving. With that, we have a solid core game engine that helps us realize our designs, and it will only get better. We also have a unique distribution model: we release a free game, and updates on a regular basis. With that said, we are typically able to span our design goals over several release versions, and based on that, we prioritize every feature. We all have our personal goals and ideas regarding the future of America's Army. As we progress, we plan to work together to bring all of that together to take America's Army to levels never before seen - in itself, or in any other game. We also have the future of the Unreal Technology to look forward to: Unreal Engine 2.5, which was used in Unreal Tournament 2004 (, as well as the next generation of Unreal: Unreal Engine 3. As a result, the future of America's Army will not only be a culmination of the ideas and visions for the game project, but also the team's efforts, and everyone's ability and willingness to work together to make it all happen. With a solid team and focused goals, the future of America's Army is very bright!
    Soldat-When can expect new M4 mods for the M4 Carbine?

    TechnoloG-Hopefully some time in the future. Personally, I would like to see the forward "gangster" grip mod!

    Soldat-Will the M249 ever get mods(ex. scope)?

    TechnoloG-Possibly. We would like to redo many of our older weapons. This means not only graphical and animation updates, but functionality updates as well. We have access to some of the most realistic information from the U.S. Army, which we use to design all aspects of our game. So, if the M249 is moddable in real life, you can be sure that it will make it into America's Army at some point.

    Soldat-Will we see more Special Edition maps?

    TechnoloG-Of course! Special Edition (SE) maps are cool! I would love to see Farm SE, myself. Even better, we are looking to introduce new Extreme Edition (XE) maps in the near future. More information will be available when the design has been finalized. Until then, don't be afraid to play the regular, non-SE maps, as well as existing SE maps.

    Soldat-Will we ever have the option to customize are soldiers appearance?

    TechnoloG-The immediate answer is no; however, we would like to implement this feature in the future. Many of these new features have been in design at some point. It's just a matter of priorities: we have make decisions on what to focus our efforts on for each release. While we cannot please everyone with every release, we do our best to balance out new features with tweaks and updates.

    Soldat-Will the maps before SF ever get the M4 mods?

    TechnoloG-This has come under discussion many times in our design sessions. As we see it, as the M4 becomes more standard-issue - replacing the M16, then you'll start to see non-SF levels with the M4, including mods.

    Soldat-Will there ever be a in-game voice system?

    TechnoloG-Definitely. America's Army is a team-based, tactical game. With that in mind, communication is critical to a team's success. Fortunately, we use a great core technology - the Unreal Technology, and the latest updates have included in-game VOIP capabilities! This will be implemented in our Q-Course version.

    I just want to thank everyone for their continued support. For more updates, visit the America's Army web site ( where you can find the latest updates, as well as news about upcoming releases; or just stop by the forums and talk about specific topics related to America's Army.

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