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Who are your favorite players to have as a)teammates, b)enemies

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    Who are your favorite players to have as a)teammates, b)enemies

    This will be primarily speaking of ONS but you can put whatever you want as long as it's UT:

    a) On my team:

    sf|Tompp@ or any of the sf| crew
    of course, my {BL} mates such as Scimanic, b604, and Omega

    I'm sure this isn't a comprehensive list by any means but just the people who stick out most in my mind as being able to communicate and form effective strategies with, and not only that just be enjoyable to play with. It's honestly surprising how difficult it was to even come up with a list this small..

    b) enemies:

    anyone who thinks they're clever by using a name like "pink fluffy bunny" or "baby gurl" or even just "player" and default bot names to try and get the better of you and psych you out.. sorry chumps!

    "roi" this guy was a total ****, one of those people that repeatedly insults you and calls you a noob not having any idea who you are, then gets their *** kicked. oh the deliciousness.

    "Berserk_The_Jerk" I've only seen him once and I don't know if he made the name for my sake but it was enjoyable beating on him.

    "YOU_ARE_GAY" yet another shock value dweeb always mouthing off about something, usually someone else though.

    any of the recent slew of jerks hanging around a server, always fun to beat

    anyone with some name like "jeanfrancois", I don't know what it is, I just feel extra satisfaction fighting frenchies

    I'm going to leave "noobs" in general out of the equation, while they're often satisfying to kill they are a rather broad category to say they're my "favorite" enemy.. plus it's too easy

    i have no favourites cos everyone i know is cool and i love them all :heart:


      I have no particular people who I just gotta have on my team or I just want to shock combo to pieces.

      I will say, I don't like having multiple bodies on my team that do nothing to contribute to my team winning. Nothing worse, as far as playing in game, than having 3 or 4 people on your team screwing around and the other team is running a congo line with your flag while only you and maybe one other person are trying to stop them.

      Meh, but at least I had fun. :bulb:


        Any of my pdX mates except for aldwager that is.
        And I'd never say no to an x6'er or xeno rescuing my **** when I start dying too much.

        Any of my pdX mate, expecially aldwager.
        And I'd never say no to an x6'er or xeno fragging my **** when I'm living too much.



          Favorite teammate: If I could clone myself like 6 times, it would be me.

          Favorite enemy: If I could clone myself like 6 times, it would be me.

          Worst enemy: I'd have to say [HIC]TheDeacon (me). the guy's a total cocknob and is a bigger *** when he wins than when he loses.

          ...oh and the lame f00ker uses a joystick to play....


            ...fav team-mates: people that
            a~ talk (or type very fast)
            b~ know what strategy and teamwork mean, and actually try to use them both
            c~ play for *fun*
            d~ avoid dull insults
            e~ have skills around my level (I feel I hold back players that are much better than me)

            ..fav enemies:
            a~ people that think they can insult you
            b~ people that have skills hovering around my level
            c~ people that do *NOT* use cheats
            d~ people that play for *fun*
            e~ people that change team from one match to the next (when you play 5 matches without any mix in the teams, it tends to get personal, and the fun eventually is lost along the way)

            ...on the plus side I am happy no-one has mentioned my name yet among the list of people they can't stand :-)
            ..of course, someone will soon do so, just 'cause I pointed this out :-)...



              a) My clanmates ofc
              b) Whatever team we are up against


                hi i think that i would have malcom,brock,lauren,xan and cobalt for my team because there the best!!!
                for my enemies i really dont care!!!


                  People who are generally cool. I hate abusive/whining/cocky players.


                    Originally posted by caesium
                    People who are generally cool. I hate abusive/whining/cocky players.


                      Teammates never though of them,always new people/nics, they are expendable So I run soloraids and I never remember anyone either to long to submitt to his/hers gameplay...... mabey I should join the domination scene


                        well...I'd have to say any of the SCK/BGE/EVO/Kona guys are fun to play with and have on your team.

                        I don't really have any "enemies" per se....I despise the kids who screw around on your team though and dont do anything useful.

                        Oh and hey berserker....someone said you were talking about me so I registered to stop by and say hi


                          Me and other clan members

                          *SFx*falco particularly. he is so fun to have sniper wars with. He gets on the top of the tower and then shoots me directly in the back of the head. Then i deemer him and spawn kill him with the sniper rifle from the other side of the level


                            a) people who arent arrogant and up their **** and just want to play and have fun - even if they are **** and dont know the game yet. People who try hard to be team players even though they havent mastered the whole range of vehicles/weapons yet and visibly learn from my demonstrations of how you can heal, link and share vehicles.

                            b) people who are arrogant and cant take getting fragged, players who are used to giving out harsh beatings but spam AIMBOT AIMBOT after ive primary shocked them for the 5th time in a row. Anyone who uses the term 'noob' and 'newbie' and thinks that they are special because they are good at a game that the majority (IMO) only play for a bit of fun to while away a few lost hours. Anyone who shouts 'teams' when the match is pretty even but one team is dominating simply because they have the primary node and therefore the advantage that comes with greater access to vehicles. People who dont know how to have fun with the game. People that insist the game has to be played in a particular way - eg dont we all love laying spider mines for the 'spider mines are so lame' guys who are two stupid to realise how easy they are to be destroyed with a shock combo or rocket....



                              a) Clanmates. People who know how to play as a team and communicate and coordinate a bit. Even simple voice binds like "I need backup" "I'm on defence" "I'm on offence" and say binds like "Enemy goliath incoming" or indicating where you are going is helpful communication on a pub. People who share vehicles, heal them link up when building nodes. People with decent skills.

                              b) Clanmates . Opponents that give a good challenge.
                              People I don't particularly enjoy as ennemies but who I really don't want as teammates:
                              Idiots (people who are not noobs but still do stupid things despite playing for months). Point whores who do things like come into your link beam when you are linking a node just so they can get some extra points. People who do nothing except camp with a tank. People who don't share vehicles, especially when they waste them by dying fast or going to random places. Winning team joiners, quite funny on a balanced Dawn game. People complaining about teams when the team with 2 players less is much more skilled than the other one. I always take a look at scores before typing "teams". People who only use spider mines on a duel, whilst double jumping like a monkey. Easy frag, but very annoying. People who accuse others of botting.