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[EPIC] Inability to Get out of water/lava/etc

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    Originally posted by samthegod
    i also think its stupid although that guy does have a point you do deserve to die if you fall in in the first point
    sometimes, you cant help falling in, ie, someone knocks you over the edge from behind with a shock rifle etc. but this is not a thread about wether you are good enough to die or not, but a thread about wether this bug is lame enough to fix, which i approve as being lame


      Originally posted by Tropic
      There is a trick with the Shield Gun in Deck17's lava to take no damage at all [for about 2 seconds] if you start with a full SG.
      Yeah, you need to aim the shieldgun at the pivot point of the lavazone (it's located a little down to the left of the rocketlauncher pickup)
      Doing this makes it even harder to get out tho'


        You stand a better chance of getting out if you just 'swim' back lil' and then try your chances again with a sort of 'run up'.

        [rant] Don't even get me started on geo. Me being a defender ,the number of times i've cost us a cap due to that. Naturally, you always hold forward, so as soon as i spawn in geo, wee!!!! i walk into the pool...FFSSSS[/rant]


          OK really guys .. ever tryed to look UP?? when ur pussing forward? and by looking UP i mean UP!!!

          this will fix your cases most of the time .. and gets u out in a second


            Originally posted by Teddie
            Please get rid of that horrid sniper rifle ffs. It completely ruins the map. :/

            ALso I think it's abit retarded to have to double jump to get a weapon when I first respawn, like the flak or the link. Can you make it so that I can just run up to the edge of the crates and pick up the weapons as it was in UT?