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FavUT : IRC script for UT2004 favorites manager/ servers querying

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    FavUT : IRC script for UT2004 favorites manager/ servers querying

    You can find it there :

    A screenshot here :

    Thks to Nuky and Lopes to have hosted it.
    Feel free to do mirrors if you want
    Comments and suggestions are welcome !

    Here are quickly the features :

    - Browse & watch favorites from IRC (server settings and players' score)

    - Browse & watch all passworded and recent servers + save their names on leaving FavUT

    - Catch IP on MIRC channels and open the server settings and players' score

    - Removing / adding favorites

    - Pasting to IRC a server Name / IP:Port / password (if known)

    - AutoRefresh scores

    - Notify : Allow to join full server asap (& other stuff)

    That owns. Hosting for a while cause one of your links is dead.


      Wow that´s cool did anybody test it already? I´m just kind of careful.


        It doesn't work right. Double clicking a server doesn't pop up a box, and I get a code error about an Icon when I do click on a server.


        Go to your mIRC directory, find FavUT.ico and copy it. Rename that copy to Unreal.ico and everything should work fine.


          I ask Nuky to rename the favut.ico to unreal.ico
          Now everything should work fine !


            Also you should change all color codes of 1(black) to 99(user's default) because if people have black mIRC backgrounds, they have to highlight the text to see it in some situations.


              awesome, works. Thanks :up:


                Sko, you said you fixed the focus on the main mirc window with auto refresh on. But now when i'm busy in another window my mirc keeps flashing :bulb:



                  awesome! :up:


                    Very very very useful :up:

                    good job mate


                      I beta-tested the FavUT and immediately noted its benefits.

                      I have used the FavUT ever since and it has make my (no-)life much easier

                      It is very easy to install and does absolutely no harm to mIRC nor your computer. Just try it and I'm sure you'll like it, too



                        I tested it and it seems working useful little thing. gj Skorp.
                        Now all we need is buddy list there and it is perfect.

                        I recomend this for all IRC users that play UT2k4!



                          This is one of the most usefull IRC tools around that I know. If you haven't tried it now, download it and convince yourself, its worth it :heart:

                          Thx SkorpSSS and gj m8 :up: :up:



                            I agree this tool is *awesome*, thanks!

                            If you decide to develop it any further, which you certainly don't need to, then a few possibilities are:

                            (1) I haven't fully figured out the program yet but is it possible to notify for free spectator spot and auto-join as spectator? Sometimes all player and spec spots are full and you just want to get a spec slot to watch and/or wait for map change.
                            (2) report team scores from UTComp (well used in North America). Who wants to join a 8-0 ctf game underway. The team point totals you show are pretty useful as well.
                            (3) show servers your buddies are in
                            (4) ability to resize window (maybe you can do this now).

                            Great work, thx!



                              Originally posted by omgsup
                              [B]It doesn't work right. Double clicking a server doesn't pop up a box
                              I have pointed out a serious issue on it
                              It seems a few servers cant be queried through gamespy port (used by FavUT)
                              So double clicking on them does the same as if they were down.

                              For FavUT users who experienced this problem (not many I hope) could you plz, paste their IP:Port there in order I check something about their ports ?

                              Except that it seems everybody who tried it successfully like it much
                              I am sad not to have much feedback in this thread though

                              Everybody is more involved in thread "OMG My screen is dah best" or "omg plz fix a few unsignificant details in ONS" which I must admit, are way more interesting threads :sour: