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"Flag-Funning" - An instructional video

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    \o/ for trickjumping.

    Those are 180° shielddodgejumps right?
    (as in halfturn-dodge-turnanotherhalfturnto180°-shield-jump)


      nice stuff.
      good job.:up:




          Fly like an egal let your wings spreed free!!!!!!!!!

          But realy that was asome, i realy need to learn to do thos.:up:


            Very nice video BooGiTyBoY :up:
            Really enjoyed it And the music wasn't that bad


              good stuff:up:




                  Man, I haven’t heard that piece of **** song in years.

                  Great jumps though. :up:


                    Originally posted by Diablo_AcidMatt
                    Fly like an egal let your wings spreed free!!!!!!!!!

                    But realy that was asome, i realy need to learn to do thos.:up:
                    OT but its BERT in avatar not BART


                      top stuff thanks man:up:

                      that link to the other vid 404s 4 me...

                      anyone got any more links to some cool CTF match vids? i got most of the stuff at PU and that other one... umm ownage.

                      so any cool stuff out there?

                      while im on the subject anyone recorded some good ONS stuff?

                      edit: mr brown that song is insanly good BTW.... but only if you can dance

                      and god can i dance.


                        If you catch me on Xfire I'll be happy to show anyone how to do some shield jumps. They be fun. And yeah I lost a LOT of helath on that face jump. But a health keg will do it if you shield the landing... and dont get shot in the process. Also remember the first jump up the front is really for someone returning with the flag. You could just translocate up to the deemer or your entrance O' choice. (Including up top grabbing the shield before you go in.

                        DL'ing Hades vid now

                        I purposely keep the vid quality sub-par shall we say,for file size . I'm a new cable user and I feel the pain of the 56Krapper.

                        One of these days (when i actually dive into Adobe premiere instwead of crappy Ulead vid studio) I'll make a nice quality one I guess.

                        NOW GO GET THY SHIELD GUN!!!


                          Nice Boogity, glad you posted this up. I look forward to it.


                            Hey man!!! I reformatted and lost all my favs (fo'got to back em up... oops!)

                            ANd I guess the UTskills forums are down? I'll have irc up soon and could you pm me the server info again?


                              They aren't just down, they're gone. Currently I'm trying to find us a new home. >_<
                              Checked it out, nice stuff
                              I'll have to show you the berserk shield hidey hole in Bridge of Fate now evidently as you have become proficent in shield ownage


                                Nice! :up:

                                I was playing CTF the other night and |9|Malakai was using that berserk-shieldgun jump trick to sail thru half the map with the flag. High annoying and very hard to chase somone down when they do that.

                                Seems like it would take off gobs of health/shield though.