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    Originally posted by Zentak
    I nearly like them the way they are, too.
    Concerning the cicada, i don't think they cheat. Good players are able to switch from one seat to the other and react quite fast. Even average players, actually, as i'm able to do it. Remember that if you shoot the rocket over the cicada then lock on it, the gunner is doomed (so is the driver).
    They're quite good with the rockets, too, but are really easy to push away with a Shock, so it's balanced
    Yes, they do indeed 'cheat.' The lone bot in the Cicada is firing the rockets normally. At the same time, there is chaff flying out of the gunner turret at a very high rate.

    Look, if you don't believe me, play ONS-Torlan with 32 bots. Use the mutators Arena (set it to AVRiL) and Vehicle Arena (set to Cicada).


      Originally posted by Daspadger
      I guess im the only one that actually like the bots as they are, i only need Adept bots to get a nice match in all gametypes.
      Yeah I knwo what you mean, the Bots are all I can play with.... I usally play with Adept and Masterfull.


        Er... Maybe if you mash the 1 and 2 keys while clicking wildly... Very hard to fly though... Also hard not too destroy your keyboard in the process... :weird: