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    Originally posted by [NBS]Flak

    Reinha: Roseanne

    :up: :haha:


      Originally posted by [NBS]Flak
      Put the real life people associated with the game in too
      ...........Romulus: Crispin Glover
      "Biff, you get your **** hands off her right now"
      "Back away , McFly"


      Little Donny Foundation


        Seth Green actually does seem a lot like Cliffy.


          Don't laugh - the Doom movie is getting cast as we speak.

          I'd love to see some of the mythos behind the first Unreal envisioned as a sci-fi epic. Tough prison gal crashes on Na Pali along with other nastier convicts. She's heralded as the savior of the Nali, etc... and she just wants to get out of dodge. Then there's the Skaarj to deal with...


            Originally posted by placebo
            If everybody did that, there would be no new threads, except for OTs and bugs.
            well since there are many a thread about a UT Movie, i think the search button is underrated


              I'd buy that for a dollar!
              Can't wait to see how the Mech Warrior movie turns out.
              Doom, you say? Sweet!


                Originally posted by CliffyB
                Don't laugh - the Doom movie is getting cast as we speak.
                You like the Doom 3 movie? The FarCry movie whoops its ***. Loser.


                  Let's make a tetris movie shall we? seems all the other video games have been converted


                    If yer serious about this, then perhaps you'll wanna give us an idea of your general intent since you'll be the "skipper" of this vessel.
                    You could go cel-shaded cartooney disney style with pro voiceovers, or you could go the gritty yet charmingly funny 3Kings direction...

                    Personally, I want the real deal which would be the hardest to pull off, but there's just something about seeing an object of effection really come to life. Naturally weapons will have to be made of something light if they're gonna be half the size of the person carrying them.
                    You'll hafta figure out the respawning thing. I'd have a hard time believing in respawning, so maybe use cloning and memory transfer tech as it'd be more believable. Naturally this'd have side effects(see juggernaughts) but early on in the process, some might retain their humanity(see the metal guard and their codes of honor etc).
                    Weapons can's just hover n spinn...nuh uh. Maybe have lockers that you need a code to open...insert gratuitous grenade booby trap to spectacular fraglles here.
                    The shock combo will need to make a couple appearances with the elite anti-combo put in there for some style.
                    The problem(and it's not really a problem) is that you can't have people running around with a locker full of weapons shoved up their butt...the reach-around weapon swap will have to be a thing of the past.
                    You could set up scenarios that emulated the various gametypes. Have characters that specialise in certain weapons and tactics(this is all already done in the player stats and various species attributes). I can totally see a "round" of assault staged in a base infiltration or something.
                    Link gun linking could be tricky...maybe just have some dudes figure out how to do it by boosting one gun's output when they "coss the beams" or something...risky move that could backfire, but it just happens to work the way it does in the game.
                    I wanna see some weapon jumping too. Use the sheild if you have to.

                    If you are really serious, then you've got your work cut out for you and it could go in any direction, really.
                    I think it should have some comedy in it as it was mentioned earlier about how UT doesn't take itself too seriously.


                      Hi all,

                      Thanks for the ideas guys. Firstly.

                      Darkus. A real life movie. As for the skybox, in order to get a feel of the destruction, I have thought of doing a sideline effect as well, where everyone watching the tournament will be a view of destruction. But if I done this, it would take the feel of the characters out too much, and be like watching a game if it was done too many times. So a mix up might be the go. Sideline, sky and character views.

                      Reaper. No, I don't know anyone ATM, but this is easily acquired info. It doesn't happen that way anyway. Story is done first, then it's sold. Everything in this movie close to real game story line, FF Animation seems not far off for this to be possible. In a real movie, I need a lot more money than what I have or could borrow if the story is well in worth, but possible.

                      MrMethane. Actually, it can be made as serious as we want it to be. UT is serious, the ideas of the orignal story line is a bit off, but can be changed to get the script to make people laugh as well as cry and get out of their seats and scream "YEAH BABY YEAH". It's only a game, and anything is possible. MK was actually good I thought, it had a real sotry to tell, it was actually under budget and made millions back. This will only be cheesy if we make it cheesy. Think bigger. And hollywood won't be making any scripts, I will be (or we will be). They will stick to it. Blood and gore factor will be MA15+.

                      MrUT. lol, would be good, but, Arnie won't be acting in anymore movies anytime soon. Sly now costs over 1 Milion dollars a movie and the guy can't act for SHOT . But thanks for the suggestions.

                      Placebo. Thanks..Snipes would be a good choice for malcolm. But, their has to be one main actor as the budget won't provide for more than one. Only if I borrow more money if it all works out. I think unknowns would work better for everyone else. Since we only have to pay them a couple hundred thousand a movie or less, and there will be a lot of them to pay.

                      usahoppy. This is exactly what I'm going to do. It will be a book first. After, scripts will be made for each actor and actress. Epic will also make a killing if it works out properly.

                      [NBS]Flak. Great list, thanks for that. And yes, very over budget . But thanks for the ideas.

                      Ickle. I'm only getting ideas first. This will happen far in the future, everything has to be planned properly so it doesn't hit the ground and flop out, for the money we fork out for it. This is the first step, ideas.

                      coldplasma. But is tetris anywhere near UT? Is there a story behind tetris or a story that can be made a movie? This game if you think about it, is nothing like MK, FF or Tetris . "OWNAGE".

                      Jelo. Thanks for this, this is what gets me and why I need ideas, thank you. I think, many things will have to change, like for instance, as you stated, the changing of the wepaons, the pickups, respawns and frags will have to be altered no matter what. I was thinking of making it so that all the arenas and all spawning can be made as true to the game. Rememeber, this movie will be set in the future, and things will still be possible via graphics designing and computer generatoin. People watching it will think, cool, this may be possible blah blah blah, as you do when you watch a sci-fi set in the future, while trying to make it as believable as we can at the same time. The only difference we have to make a big change on, is picking up weapons. The weapons will weigh too much and look stupid strapped on with 10 other weapons . And the skill of weapon changing will be difficult and throw off the whole thing as being interesting to watch, and I think this will play a major part in this movie. Any pro knows that weapons changing is a key skill factor. So I was thinking of making one wepaon do all? sort of like that weapon in the movie "The Fifth Element"? While all health and pickups will be eliminated from spawns in the tournaments, only helath packs or moduals will be able to heal a human in the first part of UT - The Beginning, as this will be human technology used. The second part will be introduced to other species and technologies from their cultures, so it makes more sense that way. And the Redeemer is definately going in (take cover), but won't be picked up but started with and will be an addon to the weapon. The Ion Cannon will be an alien weapon that only the aliens will be allowed to use until one of any character is killed, then it can be taken. And I can't give away too much just yet. We can't do them all yet though, all super weapons will or may make an appearance in the series, as we only have 2 hours to have everything make sense in the first movie. And not all clans will be in the first for the same reason. It has to continue like a stargate series in that when the SG-1 team encounters new aliens, new weapons and technology will be added to their arsenal, so this can be added later for it to work out properly.

                      Adrenaline and combos will still be possible, though slightly changed from pills to vials that they already start the tournament with. Each character will have his or her own vial that does 4 different things, regenerate health, make you faster "speed", make them go berserk and go invisible like the predator, all can be selected from a digital menu on the vial itself. Though only once per vial. The more kills they make, the more vials they get, if not already used. Different makes of vials can be picked up from their kills depending what creature or opponent was killed. Giving us the extra mods to adrenaline (maybe slightly different if you can give me more ideas).

                      The only real thing I'm trying to figure out is the dodging and boosting. This will only be possible with the best of computer generation, the secrets of the Wachowski borthers and their matrix style themes is what we need here. This will be hard to accomplish and add. And I also think this is a main part for the battles to be interesting for us UT legends to appreciate this movie

                      If we do what reaper has suggested and do something like FF, then mostly everything will be possible, pickups, re-spawning, dodging, boosting and frags. The only real thing that still won't be that much the same is the weapons and changing. It will be cheaper and faster to make if done FF style, though, it won't be the same, won't make that much money, and the series will never get into someones house as only those who play the game and know the story will buy it and continue to buy it. It needs to be a hit, it needs a main actor to open everyones eyes and think "well, this looks alright" and to even open the box office and have a chance. Then they can get use to what UT is all about, and then love it for what it is and not who plays the part. The word will get out faster, more and more people that watch it will tell others about it. The story doesn't really need to make sense in every respect, as only those who play the game will criticise it, (because most all movies have flaws in that sense), we just have to make them keep reading and wonder what's coming next (or watching)and not fall asleep .

                      Do you think I should stick with the sotry? Or should I change things around? Obviously, the actual story itself and lines they follow will be made by me, I just need something to go on.

                      And remember, this is only a dream, to be made possible, I need ideas from the people that actually play it, and this will take some time to make things make as much sense as possible. It will take a few weeks to think up a story and write it, but to make things make sense I need ideas first of what you think makes sense to you guys. And I'm still doing research on where these Aliens come from. Do they have a home planet and have a name for it? Are they in our Galaxy? If so, which one?. If not, I'll have to make one up for each species and intorduce them one by one in a short scene like Darkus explained (which was my original idea). But you can have the credit Darkus .

                      I'm still only gathering ideas and putting them in so I can at least get an idea of what's going to happen and what the ending will be like. Cause this can go on forever, sort of like a Stargate series or even a Dragon Ball Series. Things can be added along the way if we have used all of the characters in the game already.

                      The real challenge though, is putting this all together while still being able to go into a 2 hour + movie x 3.

                      Thanks for anymore input.


                        No, the best movie in the world would be a UT movie with all the stars of the current glut of reality TV series.
                        Also very cheap to make. Put them on the survivor island and give them REAL weapons.
                        Kills 2 birds with one stone!


                          Originally posted by CliffyB
                          Don't laugh - the Doom movie is getting cast as we speak.

                          I'd love to see some of the mythos behind the first Unreal envisioned as a sci-fi epic. Tough prison gal crashes on Na Pali along with other nastier convicts. She's heralded as the savior of the Nali, etc... and she just wants to get out of dodge. Then there's the Skaarj to deal with...
                          Listen to Cliffy. An Unreal movie could be very cool a UT movie is just asking for trouble. I can not think of one "future sport movie" that has done well, or was made well. Listen to Cliffy.


                            Originally posted by EX1LE
                            Listen to Cliffy. An Unreal movie could be very cool a UT movie is just asking for trouble. I can not think of one "future sport movie" that has done well, or was made well. Listen to Cliffy.
                            [sarcasm] Future Sport was a really great movie! Dean Cain is one hell of an actor! [/sarcasm]



                              Ever seen the movie Avalon? It's a bit noir with a hint or "orange" and adheres closer to something like CS, but it takes gaming to the next level in a very believable way( I think).

                              Making the unreal believable is deffinitely gonna be a challenge.
                              I wouldn't use the multi-purpouse weapon idea, though. I already know of 3 games that will be using this kind of system(Republic Commando, Snowblind and Pariah) and I'm sure there'll be more. I think authentic is the way to go.

                              I was thinking of arenas that look like the arena in The Running Man. All blown to bits from all the fighting with simple geometric constructions like prefabricated slabs of concrete and steel. Weapons would be powerful enough to destroy flesh and bone, but not the environment(easy enough to buy, I think).

                              What about using lowgrav to do some of the double-dodging and wall dodges? Isn't the gravity on Mars lower than it is here? The Moon, perhaps? Is space travel more accessible in the future? Maybe you could get Burt Rutan to help with some funding in exchange for product placement. Insert a scene with spectators jetting to the moon to watch the tournaments on a Virgin Galactic vessel. . .or not.

                              That's the other to get people to buy the whole respawn/resurrection thing. There has to be a risk...something that makes the stakes really high and worth all of the cost of putting on a tournament...I mean are people just disposable like that? Are the weapons destroyed in battle or do they get used again and again?

                              I'm kindof thinking about a world where the humans know the Skaarj are coming, so the value of material objects and even human life takes a back seat to survival of our species, so we have these warring corporations that, among other things, are competing in the area of clone and weapon development, so we have these clones(I have to admit that the Machinima 'Bot' gave me this idea). Clones of Malcolm, clones of know...clones n stuff. The robots would be easy enough to introduce as an HK kinda thing. Developed by the military and used to test the supposed benefits of using bioogical tech as opposed to mechanical.
                              Clones are raised the same way they are in SW: Clone Wars. Trained for survival and then pitted against other clones for the sake of developing better clones. They have their muscle memories conditioned for battle and have no personality to start with. The personalities are held in their seed memories which get transferred from the player's databank into the clone somhow, so if you get fragged in the game, you are "resurrected" as the next clone with no memory beyond the beginning of the match.
                              In Avalon, they sorta hook into the game universe in a way that is almost exactly like the Matrix, except the player can say a key word to abort their mission if they are about to die...if they die in the game...they die in real life...have the same kind of system for the memories...if they eject in time, the memory data gets updated so the new clone is informed of the current battle situation...that would be the cost of getting fragged. The benefit of not being fragged is obvious and then you still have the in-between of ejecting before you get killed with the minimal drawback of the clone having to start back at their base(see spawn locations) with an updated memory of the battle at hand.
                              Weapon switching could be something like a Liandri clone taking out one of the Hellion faction's clones with a shock combo and then catching their unfired RL midair to tag the Hellion's teammate with a quick salvo as the Combo Rifle is recharging.

                              The first movie would explain how the human race came to this type of existance. What I've explained above is the second movie when we're in the thick of it with the Skaarj invasion looming in our inevitable future. Knowing you are about to die changes your mentality and in the case of a whole species that knows it's home world is about to take it in the *** soon, I would think that survival of the fittest would take on a whole new meaning. Corporations would see it as their duty to toss morality out the window in the "best interests" of survival. Naturally you could have someone who has made an alliance with some Alien race(Gen Mokai?) which would be shady at best and could resemble something like the Military vessel in Alien Resurrection studying the Xenomorphs in their sorta naieve "ooh look at me playing god" kinda way.

                              I'd pay to see this movie...maybe.


                                my friends say I look like a cheap imitation but nonetheless if you need a scarab I could be a stunt double. P.S. I also come very cheap... like we're talking minus dollars.