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OT: BrainWave Generator

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  • OT: BrainWave Generator

    Sup folks. I downloaded this program called 'BrainWave' and it supposedly messes with your mind and does all kinds of crazy stuff via sound and your brain. There's tons of different presets you can download to listen to that give you different experiences. I don't know what to think, but people have had mixed reactions to using this program. It could almost be like a drug... if used properly. Weird. It can help your mood, your emotions, your feelings, etc etc. There are presets that try and help out with depression, attention, relaxation, meditation, and some "special" ones in the downloads section.

    Check it out... if you want.

    BrainWave Generator

    From their site:

    Examples of possible uses for brain stimulation:

    Relaxation and meditation by entraining your brain into desired states
    Enhancement of learning capabilities (super learning)
    Sleep induction (for treating insomnia or just for falling asleep quicker)
    Focusing attention and enhancing awareness
    Alleviation of headaches and migraines, as well as other pain
    Preparation for stressful situations
    Self hypnosis and/or subliminal programming

    Some people also claim that the following might be achieved with brain stimulation. However, there is no direct scientific proof of any of these, so a bit of a skeptical attitude is recommended:

    Enhancing psychic capabilities like tendency towards out-of-body experiences, remote viewing, telepathy, telekinesis, etc.
    Mental and astral projection.

    The following people should not use brain entrainment products like BrainWave Generator:
    People subject to any forms of seizures or epilepsy
    People using pacemakers
    People suffering from cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders
    People taking stimulants, psychoactive drugs, or tranquilizers

    This is some weird ****.

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    Erm...does the sleep induction work?


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      Doubt it.


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        Some one try it!


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          People subject to any forms of seizures or epilepsy
          People using pacemakers
          People suffering from cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders
          People taking stimulants, psychoactive drugs, or tranquilizers
          This is crazy stuff. After a few minutes, depending on the preset, you start to notice stuff. I've told some buddies about this thing, and they're loving it, lol. You can trip out with BrainWave and not have to worry about killing or freezing any cells in your brain.



          You can also convert the presets to MP3's and play them on an iPod or whatever you use. Lots of people use this, and apparently it an draw you into a lucid dream quite quickly. The most i've used this for is ten minutes, but there are many people who use it for hours at a time, and report tons of crazy stuff. Lots of people have left testimonials for each preset that's been released as to what it's done, how long they did it for, etc etc.


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            A free iPod?


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              I can't help but be so skeptical.


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                Alright, i'm going to give this a try for the night. According to a lot of people, the LD Test Preset is one of the best presets to have lucid dreams... and damn do I love to play 2004 in my dreams... but Lucid Dreams only occur once in a while. If this really can "spawn" me into a lucid dream, then i'll be going to be much earlier from now on. I'll be getting my game on right after work... and in my mind, the bots DO know what they're doing.

                LD Test Preset

                You can export any of the presets to a WAV file. All you do is specify the time you want the song to loop, and it'll make it for you. From there, you can put it onto some sort of media (though WAV's can get pretty big. An hour and a half of the LD Test Preset weighed in at approx 950MB, but I had room on my iPod) Depending on what encoder you use, you can convert it to mp3 with no problem.

                Happy dreaming.

                ...I hope I don't like... die... in my sleep. If so, it has been a real blessing to be a part of this community. You're all wonderful people, and I will always think of each and every one of you as family.


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                  Just downloaded it...

                  Well...Hm. I started playing the first default sound, and noticed my head relaxing instantly. I'm really impressed, i was so close to calling bs.


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                    cool I must test this with some green stuff


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                      hmm you need registered to use plugins


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                        I smell scam.

                        Think about it. If you can control another person's mind, why be satisfied with making them quit smoking? Why not make them email you credit card numbers, buy your parent company's products, assassinate George Lucas, etc?

                        How do you know they didn't control your brain to make you use download the software?

                        That assumes this horse puckey works...


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                          I think it's kinda fun, though none of the presets seemed to have any effect on me.

                          I just like tooling around in the editor, coming up with wierd noises to irritate my pets with.


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                            I might give it a go.


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                              im scared it'l be one of those things that makes you jump

                              i need proof it isnt